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Running and chasing can switch many times over the years, but is the divine masculine typically the one that always runs even though they could have awakened and chased at some point? 

Women naturally are more tuned into our emotions and we freely talk about our feelings, unlike males.

Even if a man is a chaser or runner, they rarely talk about it.

That’s why you hear more from women than from men. This also applies to balancing the divine masculine energy with the divine feminine.

If you have been a runner before, you understand that each Twin Flame has both masculine and feminine energy within itself. For you to feel balanced within — to attain Inner Union — you have to feel balanced within. You must feel grounded in the shared energy within before you balance it with your Twin Flame through the energetic merging.

From my experience, when I felt more divine masculine energy than feminine, my energy felt heavy and intense. I could relax — always restless.

When I was more into my divine feminine energy, I was always in tears. It still catches me off guard and I get all emotional.

If you judge your Twin Flame for either running or chasing, you are judging yourself.

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