Daily Positive Affirmations to Raise your Energy Vibrations for your Twin Soul Journey Healing.


The Twin Soul Journey is a Spiritual process that starts right where you are; your thoughts, emotions, feelings and mental focus. As you go through this spiritual journey, you will realise that you Constantly attract what you are constantly thinking of or feeling.

For example, when you feel like your Twin partner is separated from you, usually you are struggling in reality to get their attention. If you analyze yourself well, you realise that you are in a low energy vibe in those moments. However, when you are feeling complete, happy and free within yourself, you are so full of love that you don’t even miss or chase your divine partner and instead, they harmoniously connect with you in love because you feel their heart open to you in energy.

It is easy to shed your energy because of daily routines and the social interactions and mental focus. Sometimes we spend our energy even without realizing it by thinking of the past which keeps us in a low vibe because it brings back emotions of guilt and regret. Over focusing on the future as well projects our thoughts into what will be which brings us anxiety.

There is always a need for balance in everything we do and saving your energy is vital to spend it on activities that are for your body, mind and soul growth.

Mindfulness is important to ground you in the now moments because life is always happening in the now.

I am Complete and Enough. Everything else is just an extension of myself.


Feeling complete and full will bring you genuine happiness effortlessly because your reality will manifest accordingly to what you energetically vibrate on the inside.

Believe that your divine partner is always with you in energy and in love. They are You! Feel free to let them be themselves without the obsessive need to control the connection and how they should love you back in action.

Be that person that you want to be with in a relationship. Keep yourself full. Your twin needs you to feel complete in love so give that love to yourself first and let it overflow to your Twin partner.

Once you feel united within, you will unite physically with what you desire.

I am in control of my own reality, my thoughts and emotions.

Be aware of who surrounds you and what kind of relationship that you have with them. You will realize that some people use different mechanisms to relate and most people use control. They can control your thoughts, how you respond to life, your finances, your social life. Others it’s as extreme as mental control. Personal power and control comes from with in and you are in charge of how you think to create your own reality.

Be aware of your response to your reality. Take control of how you make choices and be responsible for your own actions and emotions.

The only person I can control is me. It is okay for others to be themselves.

The way other things and people can control us is the same way we can have the obsessive need to control others. Wanting to control others and their behavior can leave you mentally and emotionally dry with no success at all! Focus your energy on being your own Best-friend.

Chasing your twin and feeling too attached to the love you feel for them is not healthy for your healing. Feeling free to love and to be loved will liberate your soul and quicken your spiritual growth.

I have power and freedom to respond to Life my way.

As you are the creator of your own reality, you are also responsible for your own choices and how you respond to life and people. You have the power to respond or not depending on your life situations but you are still the same person responsible for the outcomes of your choice.

Your power lies in those moments of freedom when you are choosing to either respond or not to a situation. Everyone has that power. Say no to whatever is negative or puts your energy in a low vibe.

There is will never be another now and another me. This is the only moment of today.

Time is very precious and time wasted is never gained. We live life in a moment to moment basis. What you are aware of, how you feel, your attitude, choices and every single moment defines the next one. The quality of your life will depend on how you treat the Now moment. Your appreciations, joys, gratitude, acknowledgments etc

I am not responsible for mistakes of others, they operate from outside me.

You will find that some people like to be emotional vampires. They are so passive about their own lives and blind to themselves that they do not know how to be responsible for themselves and these kind of people will make you feel like you are responsible for them. It is such a burden to carry another man’s troubles.

A wise writer said, “Always take responsibility for being born in an imperfect world”

Stay away from anyone who tries to make you feel like you are responsible for their mistakes in life, their shortcomings, and failures. Everyone is responsible for themselves starting with how we think of ourselves and our surroundings, our achievements and losses in life.

I am in charge of my own energy.


You can choose to respond or react to a situation, you are free to even not do anything at all. Energy is very priceless when natured with positivity and love.

You can do anything with this kind of energy! Negative situations can only feed you with more negativity which still feed into more negativity. There is no end to it but you can choose to reserve your energy and grow it to higher vibrations.

Invest in time alone, read, surround yourself with nature. Take naps and walks, exercise and meditate. There are so many simple things you can do alone.

Reacting to things and people sheds it. Responding mindfully when needed saves it

Today will be better than yesterday.

Cultivate hope in your life. Make it a conscious effort to do better than yesterday. Create goals aligning with your passions and personal mission, and always make sure to make a difference in another person’s life.

I deserve my success and the wonderful things in my life.

Have acknowledgment and gratitude for your own success. No one will ever know how it feels to be you and experience your happiness. Others can only feed off what you offer or praise you for it. Do not put yourself in a position of feeling you are

lacking, that only attracts more scarcity. Appreciate your hard work even if no one is watching. Give yourself time when doing things to enjoy the process of creation, it will fill you up more than the results or the end goal.

I deserve unconditional love. I am Love.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Always keep your heart open to experience new things, meet new people, learn new things and always try to make

every situation better than you found it.

Take time off for yourself to give quality time to yourself. Self Love gives you the opportunity to rediscover your Authentic Self. Be the kind of person you want to be in a relationship with.

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Stay in Love!

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