20 Signs a Twin Flame Misses you: The Tales of Unconditional Love


You cannot escape Twin Flame Soul intimacy: You feel oneness. You feel like you are disappearing into each other when you are together. To love a Twin Flame unconditionally, you have to share the love with him or her without losing yourself in the process.

Love always finds you


It is a feeling that you cannot honestly describe because it feels like a twin flame connection is embedded in the fabric of your existence. His or her absence makes you feel as if something is missing. You feel as if part of yourself is ripped off and taken away. Sometimes you feel a dark cloud looming over you because you feel lost and helpless. Nothing seems to make sense: It is very normal to feel this way, especially at the beginning of the separation phase.

Well, the good news is that you will always feel that void — so get used to living with it. It does not go away. It is always staring at you within; demanding the presence of your twin flame. You always miss a twin flame even though you are living a happy life. Sometimes when you are alone, you long for his or her company.

Even though you seem to be happy in a relationship with someone new, you cannot escape yourself and how you feel. Being with someone new only reminds you of how a twin flame makes you feel. The Soul intimacy connection that you share with a twin flame is Sacred, Pure, and Only shared between the two of you.

At the end of the day, you have to learn to live with your new twin flame situation. It becomes normal to live with that void. Embrace all your feelings and figure out how to create a happy life with your twin flame. You are blessed to be feeling the connection.

This book has signs that can tell you if a twin flame misses you during the separation phase even though you do not talk to each other. Stay Blessed!


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