Overcome Twin Flame Separation Pain


Every attempt that I made to block him out of my life did not work. I still felt close to him energetically. I could not stop thinking of him. I dreamed of him all the time.

A Recovery & Healing Guide
Twin Flame Separation is an Illusion


When I attempted to run from my Twin Flame, I was first confused why I made every effort to sabotage our friendship. I wanted to stay away from him. I felt scared of confronting the situation. I felt manic — anxiety took over.

I was naive about this whole Twin Flame experience. I could not fathom what had come over me. I felt chaotic emotions — I could not understand the reason why my Twin Flame evoked a hurricane of confusing feelings.

When I could not accept the new experiences that my Twin Flame encounter triggered, I decided to block him out of my life. I pushed him away. I still regret how I approached the situation. It sounded like I hated him yet I meant the opposite. I did not have the right words to communicate to my Twin Flame. Everything that happened after our encounter sounded uncontrollable.

Anyway, I ended up telling my Twin Flame; “You are the best that ever happened to me. I feel like I spoil every good thing that comes my way. Somehow I manage to ruin everything. I am scared of losing you. It is best if I stay away.”

He was very confused by my letter. Our relationship became estranged. My life took a turn. Changes took over my life Spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, and physically.

Wow! It has been such a rollercoaster. The Twin Flame journey is an alchemical experience indeed.

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