The Life of an Empath Twin Flame: Shifting Perspectives


Nothing turns an empath against you like trying to change his or her sensitive and empathetic nature. Empaths are very different from most people you may be used to. If you rub him or her the wrong way, life feels like you are chewing on an aloe vera. They deeply love — and so they also deeply hurt. Once you hurt an empath, he or she will feel disconnected from you as long as the pain exists. It means that no love will exist for you until healing happens. On the plus side, an empath does not know how to hate — he or she forgives quickly so that they can feel harmony and balance within themselves. An empath always seeks peace and inner harmony all the time.


Healing others, and making sure that others are doing okay is part of who an empathetic person is. It is built in the fabric of the makeup of his or her DNA. You cannot change this. That being said, trying to always be the savior is a double-edged sword. It is a human trait that pulls them towards narcissists, psychopaths, the emotionally broken, and many who seem to need saving.

When an empath is in a relationship with anyone who seems to need saving, he or she is blind to the negative traits that a person could have. You always seem to forgive quickly — you always give the benefit of the doubt. You seem not to let bad people go out of your life. You feel like no matter what he or she does to hurt you, they will someday magically change and become better.

You find yourself sacrificing everything that you are to save this person. Empaths always end up being the unhappiest in this kind of relationship. You end up missing out on living your life. You always regret giving up living your life because you wanted to save someone else.

Are you an empathetic Twin Flame? These tips will be very helpful to you.



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