Finding Twin Flame Chaser Bliss


You will never find anyone else who makes you feel amazing the way your Twin Flame does. But, it is not the end of the road either. You have not yet run out of people who will love you. There are amazing people out there.


Dear Twin Flame chaser, this book is here to assist you with your growth to move forward on your twin flame journey. I respect that everyone’s journey is unique. Only the twin flame pair can understand the nature of their situation.

The grieving phase was also part of my Spiritual Awakening process. When I survived the grieving process, I found enlightenment. I finally understood the meaning of my existence. I started living authentically in re-alignment with my rediscovered authentic self.

Nowadays, I live a simple and happier life. I acknowledge and stay in the moment. I always seek inner peace and harmony. I truly understand the meaning of happiness. You realize you are the source of it all.

This book dissects the grieving process and provides the steps to overcome it. I first identify the source of grief and how to heal. Below is how it will flow.

  • What is Soul shock? What triggers it?

I could not believe what had just happened. I felt like someone had snapped me out of a deep beautiful dream. In one moment we were in awe of each other, in the next, I blocked him. He blocked me back — I felt frustrated by what was happening. I told him about my feelings for him. I decided to focus on my end of the connection.

  • Overcoming Depression — the night of the Soul

After going through the soul shock phase. I went into a dark gray tunnel — it always felt like my heart was breaking open to let the light in. It is a spiritual journey I had to take within myself to open myself up to light and love. I stared into the scary darkest parts of my soul to confront my fears and insecurities. This process sheds light on my core wounding. There were parts of myself that I hid away from myself and the world because I thought were unlovable. I had accumulated a lot of past pain that I had not dealt with for decades. All the emotional dirt within came to the surface to be cleansed out of me.

  • Surrendering — Finding Inner Harmony & Balance

This phase was the most challenging of all. I could not go back to my old life. Neither did I know what was in stock for me. I had to close my eyes and trust that letting go would free me. I was exhausted from putting up an inner resistance to feeling the connection. I needed inner peace. I let the divine handle the whole situation. This initiated my healing phase of bringing unending inner peace into my life.

  • Rediscovering Bliss and Inner Harmony

This is the most wonderful phase of the twin flame journey. You have so many realizations. You are wiser, braver, and stronger than when you started your journey. You stand in your truth. You believe in your blessings.

By the end of this book, you will have figured out how to move on with your life without any validation from your twin flame. You figure out how to be happy during the separation phase.

I wish you blessings and love on your journey. Stay blessed!


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