Twin Flame Chaser Rule Book: 15 Ways to enjoy Separation


I gave up on pursuing other relationships. I stopped deluding myself that I will feel happy with someone else. I am enjoying being single, as I prepare myself to reunite with my Twin Flame.


The first phase of physical separation is the toughest. You do not think that you will get through it but you eventually do. You go through phases of emotional pain night and day. Crying your pain out of your system seems to be the only thing that can help you to feel better.

During the good days, you channel the connection. You acknowledge the bliss that you feel when you think of him or her. You indeed believe how you feel.

During your bad days, you cry like a baby because nothing seems to ease the pain of missing a Twin Flame. You wish you never met him or her.

During your worst days, you try to find exotic ways to disconnect from how you feel. You block your Twin Flame. You try to run into new relationships. You try to adopt habits like drinking just to forget how you feel.

The good news is that this phase is very chaotic but it initiates your healing phase. You reach a point when you want the pain that you feel to go away. It does not go away. You get used to feeling the chaotic emotions.

My advice is simple: This helped me to feel better.

  • You are your own best friend

If you have been chasing your Twin Flame, you know that no matter how much you contact him or her, the pain does not go away. You have to accept that whatever chaotic emotions that you are feeling are because of the pain that you carry within. You have to first fix yourself. There is a good reason why being separated from a Twin Flames hurts you. Love exists to heal you and not to make you frustrated. You have to break down all the walls that you have built against love.

  • Embrace a life of solitude

Every authentic Twin Flame will tell you that a Twin Flame encounter is not all about having a physical relationship. It is much deeper than that. Matter of fact, once you separate from a Twin Flame, your perspective of love, relationships, sex, and intimacy changes. You gain a new appreciation of falling in love. Your Twin Flame also spoils having connections with a non-Twin Flame.

Being celibate after meeting a Twin Flame is not by choice. It just happens to you. So, embrace it!

  • Do not look for outside validation

It is okay to research your Twin Flame condition. It is not okay to try to make other people justify how you feel. You already know how you feel within.

Be guided by your intuition — trust the connection that you feel. Believe in the bond that you share. Believe in the authenticity of your connection because only you understand what is going on.

It is worse when you look for answers from people who are not going through the Twin Flame experiences. You will be regarded as obsessive. Crazy. Unhinged. Desperate. Etc.

  • Lastly but not least — Ground yourself in your Twin Flame energy

This was the most difficult thing for me to do but once I got a hang of it, my life changed magically.

Grounding in your energy begins with accepting how you feel. Your old life will never come back — you will forever be changed alchemically.

The encounter changes you psychologically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

One truth that is common to every Twin Flame is that you feel a rise in your energetic vibrations once you merge. You feel like your energy is not yours — like you downloaded into each other.

You must learn to preserve your energy: surround yourself with positive vibes. Spend time alone to meditate. Meditating heals you. Bring inner harmony to you. Meditation also improves your telepathic abilities.

I hope that this simple book helps you with your Twin Flame journey.

Stay Blessed!


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