Twin Flame Runner Confessions: Exposing the Secrets of Unconditional Love


The runner Twin Flame also goes through his or her Spiritual Awakening phase. After healing and harmonization within are achieved, the runner comes to a halt. You start realizing the love lessons learned. You look back on the nature of your experiences. You realize that you were running from yourself all along.

Running in itself is necessary because you are triggered to face yourself. You begin to understand why you are afraid of feeling unconditionally loved.

These are my Twin Flame Runner Confessions.

Runner Fears

When the chaser stops chasing, the runner also stops running because you cannot run when nothing is chasing you.


Life is more complicated for the runner Twin Flame especially if you do not understand what is happening to you. Usually, the runner is naive about the Twin Flame phenomenon so he or she struggles with the experiences in general.

It takes a lot of making mistakes that you begin to fathom the nature of your situation. It is indeed very complicated for the runner.

It seems as if it is easy for the runner to forget the chaser but that is not the case. It is just easier for the chaser to assume that the runner moves on easily.

The runner struggles with finding love. You do not rest. You keep comparing everyone to your Twin Flame.

No relationship can satisfy you: You always feel a void within. You feel restless and helpless all the time.

Both Twin Flames feel the void— there is no difference for either.

In essence, if you have been a chaser, you know that it is some form of running. You feel like you are running from certain aspects of yourself hoping that your runner will fill the void.

Every chaser knows that partly why you chase is because you have fears of abandonment. You are afraid of being alone. You are scared of facing your core wounding. You have not yet hugged your inner child.

All the misery comes to an end when you finally grow the inner strength to surrender and face yourself.

The same situation goes on for the runner. He or she goes through the phase of running from the chaser and thinking that it will stop all the inner chaos. You are as well running from yourself not your partner.

From my experiences, running and chasing feel the same.

Two in one. Yin Yang.

Stay Blessed!


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