Twin Flames Explained: A Simple Guide for Newbies


You and your Twin Flame are divine beings going through a human experience. A harmonious Twin Flame relationship is the epitome of your happiness. You have a potent connection that leaves you in awe.


Twin Flame love is antithetical to ordinary love relationships because you not only feel unconditional love for your Twin Flame, you feel a transcendental bond that triggers you into a Spiritual Awakening process that brings enlightenment into your life.

Also, even though you have contrasting religious values, different cultures, and upbringing, you share Soul Oneness with your Twin Flame.

The Twin Flame bond is sacred and eternal that you are inspired to surmount any obstacles that stand in the way so that you can end up together no matter how long the physical separation phase drags on.

The Twin Flame’s unconditional love is authentic because it inspires you to embrace and restore your humanistic values, needs, and goals. Your humanistic values include your higher needs; the need for unconditional love, fulfilling friendships, dignity, self-respect, self-fulfillment, and individuality.

The Twin Flame love is a transcending experience because it is a spiritually and need-gratifying friendship that invigorates and rejuvenates your Soul.

Your higher needs also melt into one with your Twin Flame because your partner’s needs become your needs and vice versa.

The Twin Flame journey also teaches you to acknowledge and appreciate the essential humanistic values like security, commitment, love, growth, creativity, spirituality, freedom, authenticity, justice, courage, and responsibility.

The journey of self-actualization is a process to break free from negative conditions; old traditional values, and limiting notions of potential dictated by others in society.

Apart from being inspired to rediscover the authentic version of yourself, every Twin Flame experience that you go through empowers you to explore your unique talents.

After you go through the Twin Flame Awakening process after your initial encounter, you realize that you were previously blind to your capabilities. These include; extraordinary, creative, humanitarian, and spiritual possibilities.

You are tasked as a Twin Flame to look inward instead of outward for outside validation. You develop the incredible inner strength that lies from within. You fulfill your deepest desires by embracing changes and growth.

To achieve happiness and peace, you have to learn to align your Spiritual Awakening gifts with your physical needs to create a harmonious balance in your experiences to have a healthy transcendence.

Embracing Twin Flame unconditional love teaches you different unique ways to embrace the transcendental experiences embedded in the human fabric like beauty, connection, exploration, love, flow, purpose, and gratitude.

If you have unmet needs or desires, the Twin Flame journey teaches you the different ways of adapting to the changes to feel whole and enlightened.

You also have to dig deeper within yourself to face your pain and suffering. To integrate yourself within. Especially if you thought you are unlovable.

You have to stare within your soul so that you can penetrate the depth of your being so that you can experience the full richness of your existence.

The Twin Flame experience teaches you how to face yourself. To reach the full heights of your humanity: To be creative, authentic, creative, accepting, independent and brave.

Enjoy reading this simple book.


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