Twin Souls Merging 11:11


Please note that every Twin Flame experience is different. There is no particular set time for a reunion. And even though you feel like you are healed within, there could be other situations in your life that could still affect the timing for a reunion with a Twin Flame.


I think of his eyes all the time. I have never seen anyone else the way I see him. I miss him all the time even though I am with other people. I feel a void within me — Like nothing else can fill it except his presence. He lives within me.

The first time we looked into each other’s eyes was magical. We both could not believe what had come over us. He chuckled after intense eye contact. It felt as if we were the same person in two bodies. I do not remember who was saying what and we suddenly could not look away from each other. It felt as if time froze. Like we got lost in each other’s eyes. I saw his soul and he saw mine.

It felt as if the universe exploded within me. After like a minute of an intense stare, I said to him; “I’m sorry for being rude. I stare too much.” He laughed in response because we both knew that we had seen each other. We both acknowledged that something special was going on.

It is very strange that after that first intense eye contact, we could just look into each other’s eyes to talk to each other. It always feels as if we do not need words to say much to each other.

It was as if we could reach each other’s minds. Like we could tell what the other needs. We could beat each other to saying words. We could anticipate each other’s needs without stressing about it.

Stay Blessed!


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