Twin Flame Running & Chasing Phase


These simple methods have worked for me to recover from separation pain and find my Authentic Self.  I have so many fellow Twin Flames who contact me daily asking for advice, simple tips, and inspirational guidance for a fresh perspective to keep doing the great work on their Twin Flame Journey. This Spiritual Journey gets lonely, and exhausting because it is challenging to articulate to a close friend who is not experiencing the process of what you are going through.


If you are the trigger for all his or her underlying issues, it temporarily masks his or her love for you. All a Twin Flame sees are his or her problems when they see or hear about you. This also explains the prolonged silent treatment. If your Twin Flame has deeper issues they cannot confront, it is easy for him or her to run into temporary unhappy relationships just to try and forget you.

It happens all the time. When you shift your paradigm and try to embrace your connection from a Spiritual perspective, your life situation changes too. You realize that neither of you has the power to stop your love connection from progressing even though you both hide from each other in an attempt to forget what you stumbled upon.

It takes a series of love lessons and maybe probably more heartaches from other karmic relationships for both of you to accept that you can never sever the bond. A Twin Flame cannot stop loving you because it is not in his or her power to sever the bond.

This is my perspective. What is yours?

Stay Blessed!


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