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Signs of Twin Flame telepathic love?

Soul intimacy makes it possible for Twin Flame couples to feel each other in different unique ways as compensation for the physical separation.

You cannot doubt that a Twin Flame loves you because you feel connected emotionally, energetically, and Spiritually.

The Soul oneness is felt by both Twin Flames and the love connection is undeniable when you look in your Twin Flame.

Feeling each other’s emotions:

If your Twin Flame is missing you, you feel an unexplained longing within your heart and it instantly affects your moods; if you were having a great day, you immediately feel restless and helpless.

Sometimes if your Twin Flame is feeling happy, you feel an instant boost in your energetic vibration especially if you were previously feeling unhappy.

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Sexual Energetic share:

Twin Flame love feels like you are constantly making love with each other in the soul, and attraction is felt more intensely if you are in the same room.

During the physical separation phase, I constantly channel my Twin Flame’s sexual energy, and sometimes you can tell if your Twin Flame is making love with someone else because of the energetic share.

For me, the soul intimacy with my Twin Flame makes it impossible to feel attracted to someone else who is not my Twin Flame and it feels like I am cheating on the connection if I try to date others.

The invisible touches:

I always feel his essence merging with mine, and I carry a piece of him everywhere I go.

Sometimes you can feel like your Twin Flame is holding you, touching you, or caressing you yet you are physically apart.

Sometimes you can also feel their kisses and hugs yet you are alone; this is also another reason why it is impossible to forget how you make each other feel no matter how long it takes you to reunite.

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