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Twin Flame love breathes life into you; you grow inner happiness every day after the initial encounter throughout the separation phase.

You cannot fake Twin Flame love. You cannot escape it either whether you put a distance between you and your Twin Flame or not.

When you meet your Twin Flame for the first time, you suddenly wake up to yourself and everything around you because you feel reignited.

The spiritual awakening process that you go through as part of the Twin Flame process brings enlightenment into your life — you feel free to restart your life authentically.
Usually, your Twin Flame walks into your life during the moments when you feel lost; when you are looking to rediscover your sense of self-worth.

If you were previously struggling with figuring out solutions to the problems in your life, the Twin Flame encounter tweaks your perspective on your life. You suddenly feel energized and inspired to find creative ways to improve every aspect of your life.
You are inspired to love yourself through learning new acts of self-love until you find the authentic version of yourself. You love yourself unconditionally the way your Twin Flame loves you.
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