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How do you feel dating someone new after a twin flame?

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A friend asked me out for a date in the next two days. I feel overwhelmed to say yes. I do not feel ready to let anyone else in like I do with my Twin Flame. I am scared to spend time with him. He is a really lovely person — I know that he likes me more. I am scared of letting him on.

At the same time, I feel like giving him a chance to see where it goes. My soul resists the thoughts of me saying yes. I know that I love my Twin Flame. I will never stop loving him. We live on separate continents.

Another friend also wrote to me last night. He said that he misses my company. We are in different countries.

He said that he has been thinking of me lately. His message made me happy — I wished that it was my Twin Flame though. Before I fell asleep, I was thinking of all these wonderful men in my life who appreciate me. I felt happy that other men are giving me attention. I was not as happy as my Twin Flame makes me but I felt blessed.

When I woke up in the morning, I was pulled in by thoughts of him. My Twin Flame’s energy hovered over me. I smiled because it felt nice to wake up to a heart pulling from him.

The intense feeling of longing coupled with sadness has stuck with me all day. I know that it is him pulling me in. I am guessing he noticed energetically that I am feeling happy because of other people.

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Do you feel that your Twin Flame lives inside of you even though you are in a relationship with someone else?

Since our initial encounter, it unlocked a side to me that I never thought existed; I feel like my Twin Flame occupies part of me — I cannot distinguish between his essence and mine.
You and your Twin Flame share the energy: You always operate as a single energetic unit, and your energy vibrates at the same frequency.
You feel their essence hovering over you; your energy keeps merging with theirs.
Apart from feeling their energy with you all the time, you feel the energetic share. Sometimes you can feel sadness.
No matter how much time passes without seeing your Twin Flame or talking to them, there is never a day that passes without a thing of them. Even though you try to block thoughts of them, you start seeing signs that remind you of your Twin Flame throughout the day.
When you try to deny yourself feeling the connection to your Twin Flame, you feel blocked and disconnected from anything that you do.

Sometimes I hear whispers of “I love you” or “I miss you” as if he is right behind me. Soul Intimacy:
You feel merged with your Twin Flame; this is why you are not able to move on. Dreams:
You are always communicating with your Twin Flame. It is why you feel their presence in your dreams when you sleep. You can send each other messages as you sleep; your bond grows stronger the more you love each other.
Twin Flame thoughts:
You are always thinking of your Twin Flame. They think of you too!
It is nonstop whether you acknowledge thoughts of your Twin Flame or not because it is a vicious cycle between the divine pair that you cannot break.

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What is Twin Flame runner Separation Pain?

Once Twin Flames physically separate from each other, you go through a series of painful changes and your soul grieves the absence of your divine partner.
Feeling the absence of your Twin Flame in your life leaves you in a state of emotional desolation. You feel hollow within and there is a void that never gets filled by anything but only your Twin Flame love.
When you try to date other people who are not your Twin Flame, you feel the emptiness within you because nothing compares to the quality of Twin Flame love.

Separation anxiety intensifies the pain and stress that you feel. You worry that physical separation will take your Twin Flame away. You worry that once you separate physically, they will forget the special connection that you share.
Apart from feeling the void when you are physically separated from your divine partner, you keep channeling their feelings too because you grow in energy as you merge into oneness.
You feel your Twin Flame’s Essence always hovering over you even though you are separated by continents.
The longing to be reunited with your Twin Flame grows every day and you are constantly thinking of your Twin Flame whether you are aware of it or not. You feeling an energetic pulling towards them and you always remember the euphoric feelings they bring