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Is it wise to tell your spouse that you met a Twin Flame?

I do not advise you to discuss the topic of being a Twin Flame with anybody else before you go through the experiences. You will never affirm that you are a Twin Flame except if you have undergone some changes.

It is also very challenging to make another person understand the Twin Flame experience if he or she has never met a Twin Flame. You sound delusional if you try to explain the phenomenon.

When it comes to telling your spouse or karmic partner, you will sound like you are emotionally cheating on your husband or wife. Also, you will make your spouse jealous; he or she will not trust you. They will assume that at some point, you will choose your Twin Flame.

Your husband or wife will start analyzing your behaviors and actions. You will regret telling him or her about your Twin Flame experiences.

Also, while we are still on this topic, do not discuss the Twin Flame experiences with your Twin Flame either. You will scare them off. You will sound crazy. You will make him or her uncomfortable.

When it comes to communicating with a Twin Flame, it is best to describe your experiences other than explain what the Twin Flame experience is. Your Twin Flame will have to go through specific experiences to awaken.

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Can a Twin Flame Runner move on from the connection and marry someone else?

Your Twin Flame runner can find someone else, marry them, and even make a family with them after you are physically separated. 

You have no control over your Twin Flame’s behavior. More so, you have no control over the process of your Twin Flame journey.

It is very sad when some Twin Flames meet in this life. They are not meant to have a physical relationship because not every Twin Flame couple is meant to have a physical relationship. 

In this instance when Twin Flames are not destined to end up together in a relationship as romantic partners, your Twin Flame triggers you to awaken to yourself. You go through the invigorating Spiritual transformation process.

For some Twin Flames who are meant to be romantic partners in this lifetime, no matter how much difficulty they face during their physical separation phase, they always find a way back to each other.

Other Twin Flames who are afraid of embracing the change that Twin Flame encounter brings to grow and transform into their authentic selves, always end up going through endless cycles of running and chasing. You go through prolonged phases of physical separation until both partners embrace every aspect of their journey.

Your Twin Flame runner can choose to ignore you, resist the connection, and move on with their life in a new relationship with someone else. Nothing can change the unconditional love they feel for you. 

Resisting the Twin Flame love is the most excruciating moment of your life because no matter what you both do, nothing changes the intensity of the love connection that you feel for each other in your hearts.

 As a Twin Flame chaser, you always assume that your Twin Flame runner is happy with someone else because they seem to have found happiness in a new relationship. That is not the case.

Your Twin Flame is also haunted by thoughts of you daily and they have a deep desire to be close to you.

From my experience of being temporarily a runner in Twin Flame, you never stop thinking of your Twin Flame every second of the day, if you block out thoughts of them, you feel the connection eating at you because of the Soul intimacy that you share.

You always feel your Twin Flame sending you feelings of love when they are thinking of you and when they miss you, you feel your Twin Flame’s longing for you in form of heartache or emotional pain. 

The Twin Flame runner always feels the connection as much as the Twin Flame chaser does.

Sometimes you get physical heartaches because of the intense shared energy of Oneness and if you try to ignore the connection within, the process of the energetic share with your Twin Flame interferes with your emotional state which affects your mood swings and emotional well-being. 

Your emotional state affects how you relate with the people around you and it also affects those who rely on you for emotional support like your new karmic relationship and family members if you have children.

The Twin Flame runner suffers the most during the physical separation phase because of the tendency to deny unconditional love and the Twin Flame connection altogether. 

The inner resistance that you feel like a runner in Twin Flame is very challenging to deal with because you are constantly thinking of how to block the connection and ignore your Twin Flame instead of focusing on how to move on with your life.

If your Twin Flame partner is chasing you, you are constantly finding clever ways to avoid them. This means that you are constantly thinking of them because the Twin Flame experience takes over your life once you acknowledge each other.

Sometimes memories of the initial encounter catch you by surprise and you start reminiscing about the fun time that you had while you were together during the bubble love phase.

You also keep comparing your new karmic partner’s behavior to how your Twin Flame treated you during your initial encounter. This is because no love is as authentic as Twin Flame love, and it is only your Twin Flame who can reciprocate it and fill the void that you feel.

Your dreams are filled with your Twin Flame because the souls do not understand the physical separation. You dream of your Twin Flame whether you like it or not and the energetic share is always intensely felt.

When you encounter your Twin Flame, you are triggered into a Soul Awakening phase where you feel the energetic merge with them. You continuously feel the energy of Oneness with your Twin Flame until you learn to balance yourself from within to feel and act as one single energetic unit.

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Why does my twin flame avoid meeting me in person? We have constant chat, telephone, and video contact.

My dear, be thankful that at least you communicate with each other. It is indeed a blessing to have some sort of contact with him or her.
Here are some of the reasons why a Twin Flame is afraid to meet you in person:
Insecurities —
A Twin Flame will avoid you at all costs because you are the trigger of all his or her frustration. Do not take this personally though. He or she has issues to deal with. You are not the source of their pain.

I advise you to be open and honest with your Twin Flame; call him or her out if they are hiding from their pain. It is best for both of you to be grounded in your authentic selves — it will save you so much frustration.

Your separation cycles will continue if you are unwilling to confront the nature of your Twin Flame dynamic.

Self-rediscovery is a process

When a Twin Flame is dealing with his or her issues, they need that space to find themselves at his or her pace.

A Twin Flame does not want to inflict his pain on you. It is best to deal with his or he issues in private.

You are also another excuse for them to delay the progress of their healing journey. A Twin Flame can hide behind you or blame you for their issues.
Respect their need for space.

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Enjoy your Blessings

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What happens when the Twin Flame runner becomes the chaser instead?

As a former chaser, you completely surrender and trust divine timing that everything will be all right. You also grow more empathy for your Twin Flame because you know how it feels to chase your Twin Flame and the stress associated with it. You also understand how it feels to be a runner or chaser — this makes you understand the meaning of Twin Flame Oneness. There is no distinction between a chaser and a runner. You are one in essence.

If it is a harmonious relationship that you desire with your Twin Flame, you can choose to not run from them once the energetic roles switch. If they start chasing you, you can choose to confront your situation to have closure so that you can stay in a harmonious Union. You can choose to move forward on your journey instead of being triggered into another cycle of running and chasing.

Sometimes when the runner becomes the chaser, it could trigger more healing between the Twin Flames because of the shared energy of Oneness. Twin Flames are a Single Energetic Unit; therefore you feel each other’s energetic vibration. If one Twin Flame needs more healing, they tend to bounce back into each other’s lives to be triggered into another phase of energetic cleansing.

The worst situation is when the runner returns but when their Twin Flame partner had already moved on with their lives because you eventually get exhausted from chasing your Twin Flame. You get tired of unrequited love and you choose to move on. It is frustrating to the runner Twin Flame if they return but when their partner has a new karmic partner who cares for them and makes them happy. Sometimes the runner Twin Flame loses their true love if they run for too long.

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What does the twin flame runner think when the chaser finally gives up? Does it occur to the runner that the chase may be over for good?

The first thing that comes to your mind is fear that the chaser found someone new who makes them feel the way you feel. Then you panic wondering if the behaviors of running were necessary or not. If you had blocked your Twin Flame, you immediately unblock them so that you can talk.

TWIN FLAME REUNION: The Beginning Of Forever: What are the Tips to REUNION?

If the Twin Flame chaser chooses to block you back, you get angry, guilty, anxious, and overwhelmed that you messed up a good thing.

I went into a phase of depression when I realized that running from my Twin Flame was a bad idea. I wondered if I had pushed him into the arms of other lovers and I kept thinking of the worst-case scenarios of every situation possible if my Twin Flame was dating other people.

I wrote to him, texted, and called but it had started seeming as if it was an obsessive behavior.

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How does a reunion with a twin flame feel? Does anyone have that bliss?

I am going to use the simplest examples to explain this feeling of healing, inner harmony, balance, and bliss. It is a euphoric and heavenly feeling when you get to this phase of your Twin Flame journey.

Awakening guide for newbies: Once you find healing within, it manifests in everything that you do.

Sometimes I feel like I am having a “Spiritual Orgasm” with my own life. (I know this doesn’t make sense but I feel it).

Once you find healing, the bliss feels constant and continuous. The fear that you felt before and the emotional pain is replaced with feelings of harmony. It feels heavenly when you are in energetic harmony with a Twin Flame.

It feels heavenly once you find healing. You are initiated into another phase of learning to embrace bliss and unconditional love.

How To Surrender To Self-Love 11:11: Healthy Energy & Self-care Habits

Once I healed myself, I went into a phase of asking myself the important questions:

“I have healed and I feel happy but now what is next?”

“Why isn’t my Twin Flame attempting to reconcile yet I feel the energetic harmony?”

“How do I initiate a reunion with my Twin Flame?”

What are some of the expectations of being on a Twin Flame journey?

I was stuck in this phase for a while because I did not know what to do next.

Therefore, I realized that I had to tell him how I feel — that I am ready for the next phase of the reunion.

I wrote him a letter, and he responded positively.

What would you do if you meet your Twin Flame when you are already in a relationship?

Now I am only waiting to see him again because I feel that our energetic vibration is at the same frequency as the initial encounter.

You must tell your Twin Flame how you feel because they do not read minds no matter how efficient your 5D communication is.

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Does having sex with others slow down twin flame reunions?

Yes of course! Look, you either choose your Twin Flame or you don’t but you can’t have it both ways.

Karmic Partners: When I met m Twin Flame, I lost interest in dating others. I have been celibate for over two years since I met him.

The same applies to normal relationships; You either commit or not and there is a difference in whatever choice that you make.

Imagine if you are a Twin Flame and your partner is sleeping with others, would you rush to be with them? — No! — You would assume that they moved on.

Physical separation is the test of Twin Flame’s unconditional love. Here is why?

You will have doubts as to whether they are your divine partner or not. You will also trust them less if they don’t have the patience to wait for you.

Secondly, I believe that sleeping with others while you are going through a Twin Flame connection bogs down your energy in the connection.

Imagine waking up in someone else’s bed when you are tormented by your Twin Flame’s energy? It will complicate the situation for you.

Twin Flame Awakening is a SACRED experience — you are transformed for the best.

From my past experiences, having sex with others entangles your auras with others. Every time you have sex with someone, you take some kind of energy from them.

The Twin Flame connection is about clearing energy and karma — I believe that sleeping with others only taints your energy which slows down your healing.

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How can I stop chasing my twin flame and let him chase me?

Two things; Yes, you can Surrender and stop chasing your Twin Flame, and secondly, you can’t make them chase you or want you because you are already bound in unconditional love for eternity. They already love you.

How To Surrender To Self-Love 11:11: Healthy Energy & Self-care Habits
Most people will advise you to find self-love but how do you begin to love yourself if it is a new experience?
Why do you need self-love to let go of your Twin Flame?
The simplest explanation for why you need to love yourself is because you are a mirror to your Twin Flame. You are two parts of a soul — and if you love yourself, you are also loving your Twin Flame in essence.

Twin Flame Chaser Surrender: Learning to Let Go to Heal
Also, if you know how to love yourself unconditionally, you will be able to accept the love from your Twin Flame. You can’t appreciate love if don’t know it.
As you begin to embrace self-love, you will gradually re-discover your authentic self. This is the person that your Twin Flame feels connected to in the connection and you must live a life of authenticity to enjoy feeling the bliss of the connection.
When you are in chaser mode, you are vibrating from low-energy vibes because you feel negative and frustrated about your Twin Flame’s running behavior and this brings about chaos in your connection. Your Twin Flame can feel the energetic imbalance.

If you need simple tips on how to manage the pain of separation from your Twin Flame, try this.
But, once you find the courage to accept things as they are, and you surrender — just letting go of the stress to control the connection brings harmony to the energetic connection.
The more you keep working on yourself and heal your energy, the more you will feel the energy of oneness with your Twin Flame. The shared energy becomes more blissful and you feel yourselves merging into each other.
This is the phase where you stop missing them intensely because you feel them within you: Telepathic communication improves, and you feel them in your dreams. You become more peaceful and faithful to the connection because you are satisfied with the 5D aspect of your experience.

How to Manage Twin Flame Separation 
The runner has to first feel love within themselves. If he or she has abandonment issues, they have to confront their pain.
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Twin Flame Chaser Pain: Why do Twin Flames Run? It is very painful trying to keep up with a Twin Flame runner.
This change within the chaser brings about a change in the energetic dynamic because the Twin Flame who was running feels the growth and improvement.
This is when the runner tries to reconcile because they miss their divine partner.
Therefore, you can’t make your Twin Flame want you if you are not ready yourself.
It takes two to tangle.

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I’ve been trying to move on from my “twin flame”, but when I had sex with someone else it felt so wrong and I wanted to cry. Why can’t I find happiness with another person?

It is because you have Soul INTIMACY with your Twin Flame. You have a sacred bond that goes beyond what the mind can comprehend.

Always Connected in Soul: You can’t escape your Twin Flame.

Because of Soul intimacy, you feel like you are cheating on your Twin Flame whenever you have sex with someone else.

I gave up on pursuing other relationships. I stopped deluding myself that I will feel happy with someone else. I am enjoying being single, as I prepare myself to reunite with my Twin Flame.

How To Surrender To Self-Love 11:11: Healthy Energy & Self-care Habits

Whether Twin Flames like to accept the truth or not, having sex with other people as you Awaken to your Twin Flame connection is a blockage of your shared energy with your partner.

When you are purging emotional pain or if you are dealing with healing your core wounds, you want to stay away from tainting your energy. You need space and solitude to heal first.

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