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When you know, you know. When you find your twin flame, that’s it. The search is over because you are complete. They are the missing piece of the puzzle of your life. ❤️❤️❤️🫶😇🌞

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I am married; I believe that I have met my Twin Flame. He is running. How do I know that this is real?

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Karmic Partners: How do you focus on yourself when you know that your Twin Flame is married to someone else?

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Well, your Twin Flame’s running behavior is because they have inner issues within themselves that they need to sort out. No matter how much you try to fix your relationship so that you can be together, nothing will work if your Twin Flame is hurting within himself.

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Also, I advise anyone who believes that you are going through an authentic Twin Flame journey to trust your inner knowing as a guide or a compass to help you navigate your Twin Flame process.

No one can give you the right answers to the questions that you have on your journey, and you must understand that every advice that you receive from other Twin Flames is only from the experiences that they have learned from the subjective lessons during their journey.

Twin Flame Union Guide

No one can tell you how to feel; only you can know the truth of your connection by listening to your inner knowing.
You cannot fake an authentic Twin Flame connection because apart from feeling like your life finally makes it to you, you feel inspired to achieve your wildest dreams.
Twin Flame love invigorates your energy; all the changes that happen in your life refine you so that you evolve into your authentic self whether your Twin Flame accepts the connection or not.

Understanding Twin Flame Telepathy 101
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How do you feel dating someone new after a twin flame?

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A friend asked me out for a date in the next two days. I feel overwhelmed to say yes. I do not feel ready to let anyone else in like I do with my Twin Flame. I am scared to spend time with him. He is a really lovely person — I know that he likes me more. I am scared of letting him on.

At the same time, I feel like giving him a chance to see where it goes. My soul resists the thoughts of me saying yes. I know that I love my Twin Flame. I will never stop loving him. We live on separate continents.

Another friend also wrote to me last night. He said that he misses my company. We are in different countries.

He said that he has been thinking of me lately. His message made me happy — I wished that it was my Twin Flame though. Before I fell asleep, I was thinking of all these wonderful men in my life who appreciate me. I felt happy that other men are giving me attention. I was not as happy as my Twin Flame makes me but I felt blessed.

When I woke up in the morning, I was pulled in by thoughts of him. My Twin Flame’s energy hovered over me. I smiled because it felt nice to wake up to a heart pulling from him.

The intense feeling of longing coupled with sadness has stuck with me all day. I know that it is him pulling me in. I am guessing he noticed energetically that I am feeling happy because of other people.

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