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What similarities do twin flames share? Could there be some physical similarities in twin flames?

From experience, here is what I have felt.

It all starts with your energetic frequency. You feel like you share the same energetic vibration. You feel an energetic oneness. You feel like you are your Twin Flame. It is not very easy to explain to anyone who has not met a Twin Flame. Your first encounter confirms this — it feels like you have been eternal best friends without knowing it. The uncanny familiarity leaves you in awe. You keep wondering how you have known a stranger all your life.

Secondly, if you have truly met a Twin Flame, you do not have to have physical similarities. Some Twin Flames come from completely different worlds. You are sometimes raised from different cultural and religious backgrounds. You might be both raised and live on different continents. etc. But, that being said, you find yourselves saying the same things at the same time. You beat each other to complete sentences. It feels like you live inside each other’s minds. It is very mind-boggling when this happens.

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On the physical plane, some of the similarities that I have with my Twin Flame are very profound. We both love the color blue. Sometimes we could have matching outfits without discussing it. We like the same kinds of food. We do things together that only we enjoy. Etc.

As simple as that sounds, Twin Flame love is effortless, natural, and a soul connection from the Source.

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What was the most hurtful thing your twin flame has done to you?

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Are you asking any of these questions about the Twin Flame Chaser?

To be honest nothing. All the pain and emotional stress that I experienced during my awakening were rooted in me. Meeting my Twin Flame has been a total blessing because he triggered me to face the pain that I hid within. I was afraid of healing my core wounding. I had neglected my inner child for so long.

Neglecting my inner child caused me so much unhappiness. I felt lonely all the time even if I was surrounded by an ocean of people. I was constantly unhappy. I could not feel true love. Even though I had people in my life who love me, I could not feel it.

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When I separated from my Twin Flame, I was very hurt for sure. After 4 years without him, I now believe that physical separation is a blessing in disguise. I would never have evolved into my authentic version if we stayed together. I have had a chance to crawl through my emotional pain to heal. I managed to learn to hug my inner child.

The physical separation phase has enabled me to transform my life for the best. Do not get me wrong — I miss my Twin Flame every day. I have a deep craving for his closeness. I long to feel complete with him.

That being said, I found inner Union. I now understand that I had to first feel whole within. I had to find happiness within myself to appreciate being happy with him or anyone else.

Meeting my Twin Flame has been a Blessing indeed.

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How do you heal on the twin flame journey?


Healing is a gradual process that happens naturally when you Surrender to open your heart fully to the connections. Here are some tips that helped me to heal.

  • You have to identify your daily irritants

You have to fix, replace, amend, or get rid of them altogether.

If not dealt with quickly, daily irritants can annoy you and stay on your mind while passively draining your energy. If you have buried within you feelings of anger, fear, resentment, and past hurts, you feel like you have an anchor weighing you down. Forgiveness is the best way to release any emotional blockages. Forgiveness can also release you from physical ailments. Energy Healing Tips

When you hold a grudge against someone, you usually fail to communicate your feelings to the person. If you do not forgive, it is challenging to move past the point of anger or pain after feeling hurt.

It is also very uncomfortable to feel at ease or trust the person with whom you had an angry confrontation. When you express your feelings and find forgiveness, it recaptures your natural state.

Forgiveness allows you to move through the negative emotions to release them. When you have released all the negative emotions, you return to a state of love and acceptance. Forgiveness also releases your flow of joy and creativity. There are many ways you can express your truth and anger. The goal is to move towards forgiveness and love. Managing Separation Pain: How to recover and heal your pain and Soul Shock.

Stay Blessed!

Managing Separation Pain: How to recover and heal your pain and Soul Shock.