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Why do I keep seeing signs, names, and repeated numbers that remind me of my Twin Flame?

Of course, you are going to see these numbers and your Twin Flame’s name and everything that reminds you of them but it depends on what kind of emotions and feelings that you have when you attach meanings to these coincidences.

From my experience, don’t let the synchronicities tell you what to believe or what to feel, but instead, attach your meanings to them that relate to your Twin Flame experience — for example, if you see 11:11, you can attach a positive meaning to it relating to your Twin Flame and so that every time you see 11:11, you feel good and motivated to keep doing the great work on your journey.

For me when I see 11:11, I send love, and gratitude to my Twin Flame instead of spending all my energy trying to figure out what the Universe is saying to me through 11:11.

Lastly, I always remember the specific moments when my Twin Flame expressed his genuine love towards me; for example, my Twin Flame and I both acknowledge the intense feelings that we both feel when we look into each other’s eyes. Therefore, when I am feeling doubtful, I remember moments when he looked into my eyes and affirmed something to me like, when he was saying goodbye to me, we both locked our gazes until he disappeared into the distance. I never forgot this memory.

I remember his reactions to my presence every time I walked into the room where he was, I remember the first time we held hands and he did not want to let go yet I was married, I remember our first hug when he embraced me — and I remember his respect for me and how much he trusts me.

Soothe yourself with all these good memories with your Twin Flame, and wear them like an amour every time self-doubt kicks in.

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How do you cope with the pain of physical separation from your Twin Flame then?

Soothe yourself with all the beautiful memories that you remember about yourself and your Twin Flame. For me, I remember every moment that I shared with my Twin Flame when I feel lonely.

When you meet your Twin Flame for the first time during the bubble love phase, 

What helps with remembering these beautiful memories is when I remember the “bubble love” phase which was our initial encounter, the energy, the passion, the intensity of our bond, and the acts of kindness and empathy that we do for each other, I feel happy instantly no matter how depressing the current mood is.

Having said all that, it is not easy to stay immersed in these memories because self-doubt will creep in all the time, and this is why I gave you those two perspectives above for you to have an idea of what self-doubt does to me.

You will go back and forth between having hope, and having doubt until you learn to purge all the fears within yourself that keep you in a low-energy vibe. Sometimes you may think that you are healed but it is okay to be triggered into feeling fear and pain again because all that pain has to be healed.

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Why do Twin Flames Run?

The Twin Flame love triggers all the pain within you so that you can have it all cleansed. It takes a lot of soul-growth work and emotional purging to feel healed within yourself.

The Twin Flame connection is also a Spiritual process that starts from within yourself. It happens differently for every Twin Flame pair. There is no road map to it. You have free will to accept what you are experiencing. You can also put up an inner resistance to your feelings as the runner.

Since every aspect of the Twin Flame connection is new and unique to every Twin Flame pair, doubt kicks in when one’s expectations don’t match with the flow of their Twin Flame process. 

There is no aspect of the Twin Flame process that is in your control.

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You are the living proof that Twin Flames exist — if you are a True Twin Flame, you know by now that it all begins from within yourself because you can’t just wish to be in a Twin Flame.

Trumping your self-doubt is part of the workings of the Twin Flame process. Self-doubt is rooted in self-fear and insecurity. 

The Twin Flame process will work within you whether you accept it or not. You will start to believe its workings when you learn to open your heart fully to the experience.

Once you overcome your self-fears, your transformation is a sign of the workings of the Twin Flame process.

 You eventually re-discover your authentic self; you learn to love yourself.

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Does the Twin Flame runner think about the chaser as much?

    The runner Twin Flame thinks of the chaser all the time, every passing day.

    Running from the physical aspect of the Twin Flame journey does not change how you feel for each other. 

    The Twin Flame encounter upsets the balance in your energy. You first feel the emotional turmoil that raises your energetic vibration to a higher frequency.

    When you attempt to run the first time, you don’t realize the effect of the separation on yourself and your life situation. You assume that out of sight is out of mind. 

    The Twin Flame connection keeps growing within you every day. You cannot control how the initial encounter affects you emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

    When you run away from a Twin Flame, you go through different stages of grief. 

    Without the physical presence of a Twin Flame, you feel a void. You feel restless and helpless because of missing your Twin Flame.

    Being away from your Twin Flame is torture in all sorts of ways. Your Twin Flame accelerates your energy healing process. They are also the catalyst for your soul’s growth.

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    How does a twin flame feel when they have a long-term partner? 

    The moment you meet your Twin Flame, you gain a paradigm shift: Automatically, you realize that there are many levels of loving someone.

    My Twin Flame asked me one day during our deep conversations; he said, “Do you love your husband?” I responded, “Yes. But, there are many types of love.”

    I know for sure how complicated it gets if you have a joint business with your life partner. The obstacles seem insurmountable if you have children involved. I understand why some Twin Flames choose a Karmic partner over their divine lover because you go through very excruciating situations to clear the path to a harmonious reunion.

    I told my Twin Flame that I was going to separate from my husband because I was unhappy. I had been unhappy for a long time over 3 years. I could not recognize the man I married — he gave up on himself and his dreams — I realized that he didn’t have any dreams at all!

    When my Twin Flame walked into my life, he shed light on all my problems. It is like I had gotten a new set of fresh eyes and I could see myself and my situation from a fresh perspective.

    I realized that I was holding onto a marriage that did not exist anymore. I was living a facade life pretending to all my friends and family members that I was perfect. I was dying inside; I cried myself to sleep almost every night.

    When my Twin Flame walked into my life, I knew right away that I had found a home but I also knew that it would take me a while to fix my issues if I wanted to have a chance with him.

    I was not in any rush to be with him; I felt content that he is mine and he will always be.

    It has been three years of overcoming one obstacle after the other. Some days have been tougher than others. Some changes have changed me in the process.

    It isn’t funny how the Universe works — I am preparing myself to move to his hometown and I haven’t told him yet.

    I feel my life is re-aligning with his because we have unfinished business.

    He has been calling lately and he does it when I pull him into the connection through my heart space.

    Stay Blessed!

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    Why did a little fight between me and my twin flame cause separation, and could this fight lead to years of separation? 

    You must be freaking out right now! To be honest, if you ask me why I am not on speaking terms with my Twin Flame, none of us has a good reason why.

    He would probably tell you it is because I made him feel uncomfortable when I told him that I love him. He knows it. I know it. We all know it but he made a huge deal out of it like he always does. He bounces back when he learns a few lessons.

    If you ask me why we don’t talk, it is because we met when I was married to his friend and I asked him not to choose sides because he was stuck in a very uncomfortable situation.

    He walked into my life when I was going through a personal crisis. Apart from an estranged marriage, I started questioning the meaning of my life.

    I needed some sort of Spiritual healing — I felt disconnected from my inner child and hence felt disconnected from the world around me.

    I blocked him first after I expressed my feelings for him. I felt relieved because I knew that at least he knows how I feel.

    I feel like life is bringing us back together like the beginning of our encounter — everything is real and manifesting so fast.

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    What is the benefit of letting go of my runner twin flame?

    Well, lots of benefits; you have to be brave to let go. You go through a lot of trying moments to finally let your Twin Flame be the person he or she is.
    Here are some benefits of letting go:

    Inner peace and harmony — the moment you feel a hint of harmony within, you realize that you have the inner power to Surrender. You finally accept the situation the way it is and trust that everything will be alright without your control.

    The running and chasing phase evokes intense feelings within you. When you finally Surrender, you give yourself to heal trauma and core wounding. The reason why you pursue the runner is that you assume that your Twin Flame can save you from yourself but you later realize that you are the answer to healing your pain.
    The runner on the other hand needs to go through his healing. Surrender allows her or him to grow an appreciation for your connection. Remember that he or she can only run that far.

    Surrender is a graceful phase of the journey — you free yourself of fear. You realize that there is freedom in letting go.

    Why are twin flame runners vulnerable and open at the beginning, then act like it’s no big deal later down the line, after the initial bubble phase?
    I know what you mean: From my running experiences, the runner goes through a phase of aftershock. He or she does not believe what just happened to them as if your love connection puts them in a high or a daze.
    He or she does not believe that they could be that vulnerable. You feel exposed to your divine lover.
    A Twin Flame walks into your heart and breaks down all your walls. If you were not used to feeling vulnerable .org feeling loved unconditionally, you completely shit down.]

    Life as you know it changes dramatically overnight. You go through a series of emotional cleansing.
    Even though you are not a Spiritual person, you go through an accelerated Awakening.
    You transform from the inside to the outside — your soul growth ripples into your life situation.
    You manifest abundance and success because you’re shared energy is empowering. You are energized to pursue your wildest dreams.
    Twin Flame Love is beautiful!

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    Do you miss your Twin Flame all the time?

    Last night, I had a great evening doing all the things that make me happy. I had quality me-time and I barely felt compelled to think of my Twin Flame.

    I have a friend who is trying to be close to me and we both have so much in common.

    When I woke up, I felt like a part of me was missing because it felt like I was ignoring my Twin Flame Connection since I did not focus on feeling the connection.

    I missed feeling the intense connection and I instantly started thinking of him.

    When I try to resist the connection or block thoughts of my Twin Flame, I feel disconnected from within.

    The Twin Flame Connection is a natural aspect of myself that I cannot send.

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    What do you do when you feel the urge to reach out to your Twin Flame yet the situation is awkward?

    This is a Twin Flame dilemma because it is not easy to suppress the urges when you feel compelled to reach out to your Twin Flame even though they don’t want to talk to you.

    For me, when I get the urge to reach out to him, I do it because every aspect of the Twin Flame journey is divinely guided.

    Every time you feel the compulsion to reach out to your Twin Flame, there is an important reason why the universe is always trying to align you with your Twin Flame.

    After going through the Twin Flame journey for almost three years, I now understand that there will never be perfect timing for anything to happen especially the fact you have no control over how events unfold during your journey.

    What matters the most is the kind of message that you intend to send to your Twin Flame.

    Also don’t have any expectations of how your Twin Flame will respond to your message.

    If you send love to your Twin Flame all the time, it yields positive results and it also improves your relationship as you progress further on your journey.

    Life is short and unpredictable so do what makes you happy all the time.

    Enjoy your journey!

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      How does my twin flame feel when I’m thinking about her?

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      It feels like my Twin Flame is asking this question. I knew right away that he was thinking of me yesterday. Here is how I felt.

      • Restlessness

      I felt restless all day. I could not focus on doing meaningful tasks. All I could feel was him pulling me into the connection. I could not control the intense magnetic connection. Even though I did not want to think of him, I felt compelled to remember our memories. It is until I accepted to embrace the restlessness that I felt better.

      • Warm heart area sensations

      I felt warm feelings of love coiling around my heart area. I felt consumed by his love. All I did was reciprocate the feelings — I sent him to love back into my heart. I took time off to meditate and think of his love and how safe I feel with him. I sent him love in form of a prayer.

      • Mental conversations

      I felt a quick energetic rush. I suddenly felt intensified telepathic communication with him. It felt as if he was sitting right next to me. We had random conversations in my mind. If someone has not met a Twin Flame yet, they would assume that I am delusional or crazy. The Twin Flame connection is a supernatural experience.

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