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The Dark Night Of The Soul.

To a degree, you have experienced the dark night of the soul experience to some degree at a certain point in your life whether you have been triggered into the Twin Flame Awakening process or not. We are all Spiritual Beings going through a Human Experience.

If you have not yet experienced it, you will one day get triggered by an incident in your life: In extreme cases, some people are triggered by dear death experiences — you start to question your life situation and the nature of your wellbeing. You embark on a journey of enlightenment; you crave to align yourself with things and people who vibrate at a higher positive energetic vibration.

When you go through a Spiritual Awakening of any kind, you seek peace, authenticity, truth, and happiness. You wake up to your life situation — you seek a life of purpose. You feel like you have a chance to relive your life. You explore the universe within you.

This simple book’s perspective is from my Twin Flame Awakening experiences: Everyone has a Twin Flame, it is only a matter of finding each other.

Our initial encounter triggered the Awakening to the Twin Flame connection and the Spiritual Awakening process.

My life changed for the best — I finally rediscovered myself. I found my authentic version.

Over the past three years, I have learned so much about myself. When I look in the mirror lately, I barely recognize myself. All I see is love.

Stay Blessed!

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