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Twin Flame Chaser VS Runner

When you are chasing a Twin Flame, your energy feels chaotic. You also think blocked. Since you are in the same energetic system, your Twin Flame partner feels emotional chaos. If they are also going through an energy purging phase, your chaotic emotions apply to her emotional pain. You are Yin and Yang to each other. When you finally Surrender and let your Twin Flame have his or her space, you feel the change in your shared energetic vibration. Your Twin Flame runner feels it too.

If nothing is chasing you, there is no reason to run. When you stop chasing, your divine partner realizes it too.
When I blocked my Twin Flame, I was running from him. Then he seemed calm. I became nervous. I panicked. My running from him did not seem to bother him. It threw me into a series of agony and frustration. I started chasing him.
My Twin Flame seemed happy and fine without me. He focused his energy on himself when I ran away from him. I was antagonized by his calmness. I thought that he was forgetting me.
I missed him every day. I felt a void within me. I felt guilty for sabotaging our communication. I was naive about the Twin Flame experiences.

When the Twin Flame runner is about to return, you go through the following experiences:
Your Dreams change

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