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The Twin Flame Runner Perspective
I have also accepted to embrace positivity rather than negativity. If I am in a positive mood, I am happy, hopeful and in harmony with my Twin Flame. I have learned that negative vibes only dig me deeper into sadness and pain. The best way to survive as a Twin Flame is by always choosing to stay energetically positive because it eases the Twin Flame Journey.
When you are living in your shared Twin Flame energy, the Journey starts to make sense to you because you stop caring about the synchronizes because you don’t need any more outside validation. You feel the Truth about your experience from within yourself. So that means that your authentic self is in charge, you are now focusing on learning about the new shared energy.
Twin Flame Chaser Pain: Why do Twin Flames Run?
Twin Flame Surrender

I have also realized from my healing experience that it is very slow, and you get an opportunity to look within yourself more to purge whatever pain that could be lodged inside you. But no matter what, you are always feeling the unconditional love from your Twin Flame.

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