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What advice can be given to younger twin flames, such as teenagers spiritually awakening from their twin?
  • Meeting a Twin Flame is like a beautiful curse because you are always haunted by thoughts of them after the initial encounter and the connection that you feel to them does not dissipate or fade but rather it keeps growing within you every day.
  • If it is the first time meeting your Twin Flame, inner peace washes over you and you start to feel happy because it triggers a new positive vibration within you – you instantly feel like your Twin Flame has downloaded their conscience into yours and vice versa. You feel an uncanny familiarity and you keep wondering where you know that person from before — sometimes the familiarity feels like you lived a past life together yet it is your first time meeting your Twin Flame.
  • You will always miss your Twin Flame every minute of the day, and even though you are not consciously thinking of them, your soul is pulled towards them like a magnet because of the Soul intimacy that you share – you sometimes feel a physical heart-pulling when you are both thinking about of each other.
  • The void that you feel during the physical separation phase cannot be filled with anything but the Twin Flame love and the easiest way to manage to fill the emptiness is by growing self-love within you: Missing a Twin Flame is like missing a piece of yourself and embracing self-love fills you up with feelings of unconditional love and you feel like you are learning yourself in return.
  • Change is the only constant on the Twin Flame journey and it is important to accept all the changes that happen in your life. You will transform, evolve, and grow into the authentic version of yourself soon or later.
  • There is no shortcut to experiencing the Twin Flame journey; you will have to go through challenging situations, learn very difficult lessons of unconditional love and evolve into the authentic version of yourself.
  • You have no control over the matter when you meet your Twin Flame while they are married. Do not feel frustrated when you do not get what you want right away.
  • Also, there is no guarantee that you will end up together with your Twin Flame if you divorce your karmic partner but, you will have to go through all the changes that your Twin Flame triggers in your life.
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  • Your Twin Flame will find it very uncomfortable when you say that you love them yet you seem to be committed to your marriage because of your marital obligations. You have no control over how they respond to your situation so do not feel frustrated. If they love you, they will wait for you.
  • Be ready to be judged and scorned when you make the needed changes in your life so that you can be with your Twin Flame because you will have to change so that you can have a chance to be with your Twin Flame. The Twin Flame experience will change your life so that you can be authentic in every aspect of it.
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