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What are some tips for helping your twin flame through the runner stage?

Let’s agree that sometimes the runner acknowledges and accepts the connection but he or she understands that the timing is wrong. It could be that you have inner issues to work on. It could be that you still have karmic issues to clear like relationships, marriage, etc. This is the physical reality of some twin flame situations.

The nature of your physical reality can also affect your spiritual connection with each other. This is when one of the twin flames tries to control the situation. Defy the rules of the physical nature of your twin flame situation. This is one referred to as the chaser twin flame.

When you look at it from a spiritual or energetic perspective, the twin flame running and chasing is not as physical as it seems. The issues affecting the nature of their physical reality run deeper within each individual partner. Since they are both mirror souls, their issues correlate — that is why the divine masculine energy balances the divine feminine and vice versa. It is an ebb and flow of divine energy.

It is all about balance: there has to be energetic harmony in each individual twin flame to create the third unified twin flame energy of oneness. This is the reason why you are able to anticipate your twin flame’s feelings and needs. You can sometimes guess what he or she is thinking. You can say and feel things at the same time. Your twin flame awakening triggers your third unified energy.

If either or both twin flames feel chaos within themselves; issues to work on, core emotional wounding, past pain, etc, it causes chaos within your unified energy. You keep having endless running and chasing cycles.

So Focus on healing your energy, and do all the work that you need to do on yourself. Rediscover the authentic version of yourself. Become that person that you would want to be in a relationship with.

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