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What are some Twin Flame Obstacles?

Twin Flame Obstacles I identified

I classify Twin Flame obstacles into two main categories:

Category one; External Obstacles: are situations that are beyond your control as a Twin Flame:

  • Natural disasters

There are so many obstacles that can come with natural disasters like in the case of a pandemic where you would be quarantined in different locations and are not able to be with your Twin Flame.

  • Geographical Obstacles

Other external challenges could be geographical in case you both live on separate continents or live in different cities.

It could also be the difference in the time in case of long-distance relationships which makes it impossible to catch each other at the right time on the phone.

  • Karmic partners

This is the most heartbreaking experience when you find your Twin Flame but they could be already committed to someone else.

Sometimes it gets complicated when you are both in relationships with other people or if you are both married.

  • Huge Age Gap

The other most common Twin Flame obstacle is the big age difference. It is very common when one Twin Flame is much older than the other and usually it tends to be an issue if the Twin Flame partners are afraid of being looked upon by society.

  • The difference in Culture or Religion

The Twin Flame encounter is always unexpected and you find each other in situations or places that you never expected to meet.

Most Twin Flames meet each other, and they feel the connection but they have first to overcome the cultural barriers between them.

If it is a difference in culture, some Twin Flames can find it challenging to communicate with each other due to the language barrier. Usually, the Twin Flames are challenged to learn each other’s languages.

If it is a difference in religion, some Twin Flames try to convert to their partner’s religion.

And, it is a matter of difference in traditions and culture, both Twin Flames try a compromise so that they can get along by learning about each other’s cultures and traditions.

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