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What are some Twin Flame runner Love lessons?

Karmic Partners: How do you focus on yourself when you know that your Twin Flame is married to someone else?

Loving yourself is the greatest Revolution yet the most challenging journey to embark on. Twin Flame love asks you to understand how to show unconditional love to yourself before you share it with your Twin Flame in the physical.

Your old life will not come back after you meet your Twin Flame because change takes over your life whether you accept it or not. The only way to find peace and inner harmony is by submitting to embrace Soul growth and transformation so that you can eventually evolve and become an Authentic version of yourself.

Twin Flame Soul Healing is a gradual process that happens throughout the journey and every phase of your experiences exists to teach you difficult Soul lessons so that you can eventually heal your core wounding and grow.

One of the blessings of being on the Twin Flame journey is that you learn to love yourself which is the real meaning of true unconditional love. It is a gift that the Twin Flame encounter brings to every Twin Flame’s life because loving yourself is the meaning of Happiness.

Twin Flame love is all in the eyes. If you want to see your Twin Flame’s Soul, look them in the eyes and you will see the truth.

Every aspect of your Twin Flame journey is divinely guided: No matter how much you try to control your Twin Flame journey, you cannot influence the manifestation and the course of your experiences. 

You can choose to stress about your situation and criticize the behaviors of your Twin Flame but it will not change how your journey progresses. 

No matter how much you try to forge a relationship with your Twin Flame, it will not work out if you are not ready to embrace who you are. I always tell myself to relax and trust that my Twin Flame will bounce back when he is ready to confront our situation of having a special bond with each other. 

I trust divine timing because I did not know that I would ever meet a Twin Flame 3 years ago so I trust that he showed up in my life for a reason.

You are blessed to know a great unconditional Twin Flame Love and it is a blessing to find your one true love because they inspire you to redefine yourself and to find your authentic self. You are inspired to grow, evolve, and create a life of meaning because you are inspired to achieve your wildest dreams.

Once I met my Twin Flame, I told my friends; “I can die now because I know how it feels to know unconditional love.” 

Finding True love is indeed a gift.

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