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What are the benefits of Surrendering during your twin flame journey?

Well, lots of benefits; you have to be brave to let go. You go through a lot of trying moments to finally let your Twin Flame be the person he or she is.
Here are some benefits of letting go:

  • Inner peace and harmony — the moment you feel a hint of harmony within, you realize that you have the inner power to Surrender. You finally accept the situation the way it is and you trust that everything will be alright without your control.
  • The running and chasing phase evokes intense feelings within you. When you finally Surrender, you give yourself to heal trauma and core wounding. The reason why you chase the runner is that you assume that your Twin Flame can save you from yourself but you later realize that you are the answer to healing your pain.
  • The runner on the other hand needs to go through his healing. Surrender allows her or him to grow an appreciation for your connection. Remember that he or she can only run that far.
    Surrender is a graceful phase of the journey — you free yourself of fear. You realize that there is freedom in letting go.
  • That is normal and perfectly okay; it sucks but you gotta let it sting.
    Your Twin can go to extreme lengths and find exotic ways to avoid you but the more effort he or she invests in blocking you, the more time they think of you because you are always in their mind 24/7.
    The runner experiences all sorts of fears — the fear of abandonment. The fear of facing themselves.
    You have no control over what the runner does; you can only experience the effects of his or her running behaviors.
    Everything will be alright eventually.
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