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feel the effortlessness in everything that you do because you are two in one.
Your Twin Flame never leaves you energetically no matter how far they drift from you physically.

I have learned that the Twin Flame experience is very difficult and challenging at first but it gets easier and better the more you learn to embrace the new energy.

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You must accept yourself to change because inner resistance only brings to you frustration and pain. Soon or later, you have to change because the Twin Flame experience only stands to change you and your life situation.

Change is very difficult to embrace but you eventually learn to go with the flow. It starts with accepting yourself and who you are from within.


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This is the first challenge of the Twin Flame experience because you go deep within yourself to dig out all the past pain and core wounding. You must acknowledge every broken part of you and you are tasked to love parts of yourself that you thought were unlovable.

Unconditional love for your Twin Flame inspires you to grow the inner strength to accept and acknowledge yourself. This is why your Twin Flame your mirror because they love you unconditionally and you are inspired to do the same for yourself.


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If you are not used to feeling love for yourself, you are challenged to submit to self-love.

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