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What are the signs of soul merging?

Twin Flame Union is when you feel the Oneness with your Twin Flame no matter how far you are physically separated from each other.

To feel the Oneness with your Twin Flame is only achieved if you accept to submit to the soul lessons that you experience during your Twin Flame journey so that you can transform into your authentic self.

A runner Twin Flame also goes through the challenging soul lessons, the spiritual awakening processes like the night of the soul, enlightenment, spiritual growth, self-rediscovery, and self-transformation.

Nothing can stop the unconditional love that Twin Flames feel for each other. This is why you are constantly remembering each other wherever you are in the world.

No matter what your Twin Flame does to run from you, the love you feel for them heals you from within. you let it overflow to everything and everyone around you.

After you find healing along the Twin Flame journey, you feel like you have a light to you — your energetic vibration is positive. You attract love into your life.

You also attract friends who vibrate at the same energetic wavelength as you. You create meaningful relationships in your life.

The Twin Flame love inspires you to feel optimistic about life whether you are in the phase of physical separation or not: You feel like you can achieve your wildest dreams because you feel the Oneness within.

You feel that your shared energy is magical because you feel the power from within to create a meaningful life by focusing on your passions and talents. The journey to self-rediscovery not only transforms you into your authentic self but also empowers you to embrace self-love.

Loving yourself is indeed the greatest Revolution. Self-love is true love forever.
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