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What are the signs that your Twin Flame is thinking of you?

When you meet a Twin Flame for the first time, you experience an energetic merging. You feel the energetic download — You feel a transfer of conscience. When you energetically merge with your Twin Flame, you feel his or her essence with you all the time. The energetic merging also boosts your energetic vibration. You feel the rise in the energetic frequency.

When you finally find energetic harmony with a Twin Flame, you learn how your Twin Flame dynamic works.
You feel energetic oneness with each other. You easily send love to each other using your heart space. You feel an energetic singularity with him or her.
Twin Flames operate as a Single Energetic Unit. You are your Twin Flame — You are two sides of a coin. You are one in the Soul.
Since you operate as a Single Energetic Unit with your Twin Flame, you have a unique means of communication called; Telepathic communication. You can feel what your Twin Flame is feeling. You can also guess what he or she is thinking. You feel as if you live inside each other.

It is almost impossible to match up to the Twin Flame connection. You cannot forge a bond with anyone else even though you try. You feel the connection growing within you. You feel an inner transformation. Your Twin Flame is in your blood. You cannot get rid of the connection.

Your Souls are bound to each other eternally.
Heart-area Sensations
Warm heart feelings. When a Twin Flame is thinking of you, you feel your heart space beaming up with intense love emotions. You feel your heart area warming up with euphoric feelings of love. You feel consumed with blissful love feelings. You choke on the joy that you feel.

Every time I feel my heart area warming up with euphoric feelings of love, I smile. It is an affirmation that we are connected. I feel the authenticity of our connection.
Sometimes when I have one of those days when I feel energetically low, I automatically boost my energetic vibration when I feel my Twin Flame’s energy.

Heart Pain — Heart Palpitations.When your Twin Flame is missing you, you feel the energetic pulling at your heart. You feel a heavy cloud of emotional pain coiling around your heart. You know for sure that he or she is longing for you.
Your Twin Flame’s energetic vibration affects you. It affects your emotional status. You also oscillate between feelings of joy and sadness. It is a process to learn to balance the shared energy within yourself. You learn to embrace your Twin Flame shared energy as part of your new life situation.

When my Twin Flame is experiencing emotional pain, I instantly feel a change in my energetic vibration. I feel lovesick. I get restless. I start missing him right away.
When I was new to the Twin Flame experiences three years ago, I did not know how to embrace the shared energy. I sometimes mistook his pain to be mine.

As I progressed along my journey, I learned to let his pain pass through me. I realized that I had no control over how our shared energy affected me. I always let the feelings pass as they come.
In moments when the pressure of the shared energy was too much, I could get physically ill. I get cold sweats. My heart rate increased. To release the pain that comes with the intense energetic pressure, I vomit. I always feel sick.
Sometimes I cry like a baby when the pain of missing him is uncontrollable. It helps with releasing emotional stress.
When I resist feeling the connection to my Twin Flame, I feel an inner disconnection. I also feel disconnected from anything or anyone around me. I feel as if I am hiding from a certain aspect of myself.

The most obvious sign that a Twin Flame is thinking of you is that he or she will make physical contact. It can be simply through a text message saying hi. In some instances, he or she can send you an elaborate email or write some form of a letter to send a message to you. If the situation is complicated like in my case, a Twin Flame can send a message through your friends. He or she keeps in touch with your closest friend. A Twin Flame is always tracing your whereabouts. You matter to him or her. You are the most special person in the world to them. Your Twin Flame is always thinking of you as much as you think of him or her. You are each other’s Blessing.

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