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What are the signs that your Twin Flame runner loves you unconditionally? Does your Twin Flame have the same feelings as you?

Signs a runner twin flame loves you

I will draw examples from my own life experience of being ghosted by my divine partner. Different reasons lead to separation between Twin Souls and when it happens, you need to focus on healing which is quite challenging because of the shared energy and the unconditional love between you and your Twin Flame that keeps pulling at you towards them. You feel half of your soul missing because you feel a void within when your Twin Flame is absent.

I have also learned that if you embody negative feelings and thoughts of separation and abandonment, your Twin can also automatically repel you. Remember they feel your pain as much as you feel theirs.

For me, I was obsessed with constantly checking his social media and text messages just to feel that live connection. I could text him and just pour out my feelings which pushed him further away. I was naive about how it all works. I thought that I had done something wrong to push him away.

It is excruciating knowing that sometimes your Twin Soul can ignore you by not responding to your calls, emails, text messages and can even block you on social media without you doing anything justifiable. It is an emotional reaction to you and the intense connection because they cannot handle the intensity of their feelings for you.

How to manage twin flame separation
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