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What are the simple things to do to raise your energetic vibration when you miss your Twin Flame?

The Running and Chasing

You will always miss your Twin Flame because you are One in the soul and it takes time to get used to living life without them during the Separation phase. 

You have to find ways to accumulate happiness and joy in your life so that you can keep living your life.

Find friends who are experiencing the Twin Flame journey to inspire you to stay positive. Talking to friends helps to release any stress that you are feeling and you will feel understood by them because they know how you feel.

Channel the Twin Flame love that you feel into something meaningful. When you finally heal and become your authentic self, you start vibrating at a high frequency energetically and you feel unconditional love within you. Use your talents and skills to channel the unconditional love into something that can uplift and heal the human collective. 

Embrace Solitude: Always reserve moments of Quality time throughout the day so that you can get to know yourself. Learn to feel happy without Twin Flame because happiness grows within you. Embracing Solitude allows you time to meditate and feel your Twin Flame’s love through the heart space.

Do physical exercise whenever you feel energetically bogged. It can be as simple as taking walks in nature or going to the gym. You can also teach yourself how to do yoga and other home exercises using an app or by joining free online sessions.

Journal your feelings — writing about how you feel is a therapeutic experience because you release all the stress.

Find ways to be happy!

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