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What are the Twin Flame’s physical obstacles?

When you are clearing the physical obstacles, you are making space for something new. Do you feel cluttered emotionally, psychologically, or energetically? You must maintain feeling unblocked in everything that you do. How is your living situation? Is your household groaning under the weight of too much clutter? — unwanted papers, worn-out clothes, unused toys, forgotten personal effects, and broken items. Free your living space from the burden of clutter. When you clear out the old, you make room for something new.

If there is something new that you want in your life, you have to make room for it both psychologically and physically. When you do not purge your life, your house, your friends, and your relationships, it seems as if you do not trust the ability to manifest the necessary abundance to achieve your blessings. Karmic relationships and blockages: It is normal to meet a Twin Flame while you are both in relationships and or married to their partners.

The situation becomes very complicated if you have a family or a joint business with your karmic partner because it takes a longer time to dissolve all the karmic ties so that you can free yourself to be with a Twin Flame. If your Twin Flame is single and you are married, nothing is stopping them from dating if the physical separation phase takes longer than expected. A Twin Flame can also run into another relationship during the separation phase for various reasons; it is because they have more soul lessons to learn.
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