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What do you do if love your Twin Flame but they hurt you badly?

Separation from a Twin Flame brings all sorts of feelings to the surface. What simple tips are you using to manage your situation?

When it comes to Twin Flames, there is a lot of hypersensitivity and explosive emotions. Small issues are always arguments. It feels like you are walking on eggshells when you try to talk about the uncomfortable conversations.

Twin Flame fights tend to arise because of the complicated nature of the encounter. The situation seems chaotic. The explosive emotions that you feel are challenging to fathom.

If you ask most Twin Flames who have had fights with their partner, he or she does not have a clear idea why they fought. The rifts between Twin Flames are caused by mainly the inner pain that each individual inhabits. If a Twin Flame carries so much pain within itself, it is exposed by the encounter.

When a runner is in the process of disconnection, the pain is more exposed. It is during the moments of running that you hurt a Twin Flame. I prematurely expressed my feelings to him. I did not know then that I was going through the Twin Flame experience. I thought that it was his fault that I felt the chaotic emotions. I thought that staying away from him to ease the pain that I was feeling.

I also told him that I love him. He was very confused why I said that I love him yet I wanted him out of my life. I was very confused about why my heart loved him but I had so much fear within myself. The situation was dire when I ran from my Twin Flame. I hurt him with my running behaviors. When I realized that I had hurt him, I apologized to him for causing so much pain. I also told him that I had inner issues to deal with. I had to grow and change my behaviors.

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