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What do you do when you feel disconnected from a Twin Flame?

The Twin Flame Journey Guide

When you wake up one day and you don’t feel the Twin Flame connection or the energy from your Twin Flame, you worry that the connection is fading and you panic because you miss feeling your Twin Flame’s essence hovering over you.

Twin Flame love is like an addiction; you constantly want more of the feelings of euphoria and unconditional love.

Feeling love for a Twin Flame fills you up; you feel complete and you are always high on the bliss and peace that you feel because of the Soul Intimacy and Oneness.
When you do not feel the connection to your Twin Flame anymore, check the following:

• Is your mind taking over?
Sometimes when you are dealing with real-life situations, your mind tends to take control, and instead of feeling your Twin Flame connection, you use your mind to analyze the situation and you end up overthinking everything about your Twin Flame journey.

When the mind takes over, you start to feel doubtful and fearful; you wonder if what you experiencing is just an obsession or a delusion.

Worry makes you feel helpless and restless which makes you feel like a runner temporarily because you want to sever the connection to your Twin Flame when you feel doubtful.

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