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What does a twin flame 3D reunion mean?


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A Twin Flame Reunion is not a Twin Flame Union. A reunion is the coming together of Twin Flames after a distinct period of separation. You come back together as a unified whole. A reunion is not an affirmation of an imminent reunion.

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Twin Flame Selfhelp Tips
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A Twin Flame sometimes comes back to you to trigger you into another healing phase. Sometimes a reunion is temporary if you both need more healing in yourselves.
The perfect scenario is when you both feel healed, and balanced within. When you come together, you feel ready to physically unite with each other.

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A physical Twin Flame Union is when you both pursue a harmonious relationship. You work together after your Reunion to move any obstacles standing in your way. You both set goals that align with your marriage or matrimony. You seek to unite forever in love and happiness.

The Twin Flame journey continues after you physically merge in harmony. You take another phase by going through shared experiences as a whole. You align in the physical, and Spirit. You operate as a Soul. You are one.

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