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What does it feel like to be in separation with your twin flame?

During separation, even though you both promise and plan on reuniting with each other again, the feelings of uncertainty and the fears caused by the separation anxiety keep both Twin Flames in constant worry and doubts that a reunion might not happen after all.

The subsequent separation period has a very tangy flavor. Far from the elation that you anticipate to the delirious joy of triumph and release.

When you are going through the initial stages of the separation phase, you slip into a funk.

You feel like something is missing in your life; your Twin Flame’s presence gives you company and a sense of responsibility.

No matter how augmented the chaotic feelings are, solving problems and overcoming the obstacles during your separation gives shape to your day.

Once you separate from a Twin Flame, alarming thoughts plague you. Will he/she forget me? Will they find happiness with someone new?

You start to inhibit the qualities of manic depression. To let go of a Twin Flame seems to leave you without a purpose.

You feel restless, glum, and irritable. Post-separation slums are inevitable and normal.

When a deep-blue funky melancholy soon follows, you slip into a black trough of despair.

Helplessness and restlessness haunt you. You start to weep like a baby on a daily. You feel the void getting deeper within you; nothing seems to fill it up.

If you are married, the chaotic changes that the Twin Flame encounter destabilizes your peace. You feel like the changes make your life worse than before. You feel lost without a Twin Flame at this stage.

The fear of losing your Twin Flame consumes you daily. You wonder if the advice other a Twin Flames offer is worth it. You wonder if you submit to changing and growing will bring your Twin Flame back.

You wonder if you are only being obsessed; you try to block them out of your life. You wish that your Twin Flame misses you as much as you do.

You experience a lot of unexplainable fears. You start to get curious about your pain because no matter how much you deny your feelings, you know that you must face yourself.

You feel exhausted from chasing. All you want is to find inner peace again.

You are tired of crying yourself to sleep because you are tired of unreciprocated love. You know that you deserve unconditional love.

You want to recover from the pain of missing a Twin Flame; you start looking for the different ways to heal.

Once you achieve enlightenment, you feel empowered to gracefully embrace the different aspects of your Twin Flame journey.

You start looking for answers from other Twin Flames. You look for information that pertains to the Twin Flame phenomenon.

You start to wonder why the universe brought your Twin Flame to you just to take them away.

You feel depressed because you cannot control the emotional chaos. Nothing you can do brings you inner peace. You feel lost, restless, and sad.

You start regretting meeting your Twin Flame; you regret ever crossing paths.

You start to wish your life never changed. You miss your old life, your friends, and your acquaintances.

Have you experienced this?

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