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What happens when the chaser stops chasing?

You realize that you waste so much time and energy when you chase a Twin Flame. In essence, you are running from yourself. Running from yourself means that you are afraid of facing yourself. You chase a runner because you assume that they will help you feel better about yourself. You think that the solutions to your problem are with a reunion. You are the solution to all your problems. This sounds like cold comfort but I have realized that chasing a Twin Flame happens for a reason.

You cannot control it. Every time you chase, you feel compelled to do a self-check-up. You wonder why you cannot control the urges. You also feel like you do not need to chase them but you still do. Also, you know that the connection is authentic. You feel it even though deny it. You also know that it existed before you both triggered it. Surrender means that you respect the connection. You trust it. You also trust yourself to let go of controlling how your situation should manifest.

You respect divine timing. You respect the fact that it is all destiny — whatever brought you together will also make a reunion happen. It is also emotional maturity. You know that you cannot bend your Twin Flame’s will. He or she can choose to run into a new relationship if they wish. Your only hope is that they will come to their senses and respect your connection. You hope that someday, a Twin Flame will come back and acknowledge your connection. Until then, you pray that they think of you as much as you do. You learn to love them unconditionally during their absence. You also pray that whomever they love reminds them of you.

You learn to accept your new life situation. Surrender also means you accept yourself. This is when you start practicing self-love. You let life take its course as you accept the new changes. You realize it was for the best that a Twin Flame ran from you. You needed to face yourself. You needed to find your authenticity. You needed to become the Twin Flame that you are.

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