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What happens when the Twin Flame runner becomes the chaser instead?

As a former chaser, you completely surrender and trust divine timing that everything will be all right. You also grow more empathy for your Twin Flame because you know how it feels to chase your Twin Flame and the stress associated with it. You also understand how it feels to be a runner or chaser — this makes you understand the meaning of Twin Flame Oneness. There is no distinction between a chaser and a runner. You are one in essence.

If it is a harmonious relationship that you desire with your Twin Flame, you can choose to not run from them once the energetic roles switch. If they start chasing you, you can choose to confront your situation to have closure so that you can stay in a harmonious Union. You can choose to move forward on your journey instead of being triggered into another cycle of running and chasing.

Sometimes when the runner becomes the chaser, it could trigger more healing between the Twin Flames because of the shared energy of Oneness. Twin Flames are a Single Energetic Unit; therefore you feel each other’s energetic vibration. If one Twin Flame needs more healing, they tend to bounce back into each other’s lives to be triggered into another phase of energetic cleansing.

The worst situation is when the runner returns but when their Twin Flame partner had already moved on with their lives because you eventually get exhausted from chasing your Twin Flame. You get tired of unrequited love and you choose to move on. It is frustrating to the runner Twin Flame if they return but when their partner has a new karmic partner who cares for them and makes them happy. Sometimes the runner Twin Flame loses their true love if they run for too long.

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