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What is the difference between a Twin Flame runner and a chaser?

Remember that being a runner or chaser from a relationship view is only a matter of perspective — From my experience, since Twin Flames are one in the soul, there is no distinction to the inflow of their energy because of the shared energy vibration but if you look at it from the physical perspective, it may seem like one is either a runner or a chaser. 

I believe that the roles of being a chaser or a runner in Twin Flame can flip flop depending on the energy dynamics of the Twin Flames. 

Even if you believe that you are the chaser, you still feel your Twin Flame’s energy within you so that means that you also have an idea of what it means to be a runner. Also, the energy easily changes back and forth from being a runner to being a chaser.

When I ran from him at the beginning of our separation, I was chasing him with my mind and my energy because I was obsessed with thinking of him and I kept wondering what he thought of me when I ran from him. 

When he said that I make him “uncomfortable” and it was best if we did not talk, I grew feelings of chasing because that triggered my insecurities of abandonment and the fear of losing him.

Even if he was not responding to my texts, I wrote him a very long letter explaining my awakening, and I thanked him for Ignoring me and hiding from me because it made me stronger to focus on healing myself. I told him about my future aspirations, my goals, and my dreams to simplify my life and also focus on my life mission to help others like I always dreamed of.

Opening up myself like this to him gave me so much inner freedom because I knew that he knows that I am not upset with him for ignoring me, and he knows that I am going to keep myself happy without him being physically present in my life.

After I opened up to him, it opened me up completely to embrace my healing to keep living my life — slowly as I settled into surrender, I started to have the inner freedom to not obsess about my Twin Flame.

I don’t know what you would call this but after two years of being physically separated, I went through so much pain and I am now happy on my own without the help of my Twin Flame.
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