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What is the twin flame 5D Union?

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Twin Flame Selfhelp Tips
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Before you pursue a physical Union with your Twin Flame, you have to first confront yourself. The Twin Flame process opens you up — It sheds light on every part of your Soul. It exposes parts of yourself that you had hidden away both from yourself and the world.

I found it challenging to confront my pain at first. I was scared of confronting my fears. I felt very uncomfortable going back into myself. I was overwhelmed by the vulnerability that I felt. I felt disarmed.

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You have to confront parts of yourself that you thought were unlovable. You have to travel back within yourself and hug your inner child. You stare into the darkest parts of yourself. You purge emotional pain lodged within you. You embrace yourself. You heal your core wounding. You feel a reckoning.

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This is also partly the reason why I ran from my Twin Flame. I wished that I was never triggered into the Spiritual Awakening. I was experiencing all kinds of emotional chaos. I partly blamed my Twin Flame for triggering the pain that I felt. I was naive about Twin Flames.

It does not matter whether you accept or deny the nature of your Twin Flame process. You will experience an Awakening in every aspect of your life. You will transform Spiritually, Energetically, Psychologically, and Emotionally. You will evolve into your authentic self.

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A Twin Flame 5D Union first takes place within you. You are the center of your Twin Flame experiences. Everything revolves around you. You are the answer to all the questions that you have.

You possess the inner power to feel in control of yourself. You are capable of self-love and so much more. You are love. You are light.

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