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What makes the Twin Flame love so Unique?

From my experience, two things Twin Flame loves are very Unique and Special.

  • It inspires you to embrace and hug your inner child:

You know that deep down in your Soul if you have a hurting inner child, you feel no peace. You know that something within you is broken or needs to be fixed. You know that all the emotional frustration that you feel is because you are ignoring yourself and your core wounding. 

It is until you face the pain and find ways to heal, that the core wounding that you face sometimes manifests in your physical life situations through anger outbursts, feelings of neglect and abandonment, fear of being alone, unexplainable insecurities, and also feelings of not being good enough.

It is a ripple effect when it comes to how emotional pain manifests in our lives and sometimes the effect of feeling the negative feelings can affect your life in negative various ways.


For example; You could have intense mood swings and you have no idea why. Sometimes you can get angry without a serious reason and you can also channel your anger into inflicting pain and misery on others through domestic violence, and emotional and psychological abuse. It can be as extreme as emotional manipulation.

If your Inner Child feels abandoned, it means that you never had the opportunity as a child to experience real love the way you deserved which affects how you relate with other people and how you appreciate the love in your life.

For me, my inner child was suffering before I met my Twin Flame. I did not know that I had an inner child but as I was getting older, I missed the child in me. I missed the fearlessness, the innocence, the child-like spirit, and passion. Life felt empty and meaningless because I did not feel like I had a center. I felt like I needed to find myself but I did not know where to begin. 

I also had an unexplainable fear and I did not know the root cause. I also felt insecure and fearful of the future. I felt like I was walking on eggshells when I was around others and I was exhausted from doing everything for them so that I could feel appreciated or accepted. I was exhausted from feeling not good enough when I was around other people. I felt lost and life was meaningless to me because I did not feel like I had a purpose.
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