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What side of your body do you feel your Twin Flame energetically?

I thought that I was going crazy when I experienced the energetic merge with my Twin Flame. Every emotion felt very strong, intense, and confusing. 

The emotional chaos happened because I was confused as to why I was feeling my Twin Flame’s energy merging with mine all the time.

When I was new to understanding the dynamics of the Twin Flame energetic merge, I could feel my Twin Flame’s energy taking over the left side of my body.

I thought that it was very strange that I felt that way.

The energetic merging did not stop and it changed my feelings, thoughts, and emotions. I felt like my essence was merging with my Twin Flame’s essence continuously.

And, I now know that my Twin Flame’s energy did not only take over the right side of my body but as we kept merging energetically, the shared energy took over.

When the shared energy of Oneness took me over, I stopped feeling as if I am a singular person and I started to feel as if we are two people living in one body.

I always feel my Twin Flame’s energy but now I do not feel any distinction between his energy and mine. 

I always feel like I am him. 

Twin Flames are One in the Soul and Essence.

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