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What signs does the twin flame runner receive from the universe during separation as a reminder about their twin?

When a twin flame chaser becomes tired of chasing would you say that energy is felt and transferred to the runner?

From my experience, you feel like your Twin Flame is alive in you. You feel the connection being complete, and you feel in sync with your Twin Flame energetically. 

The dynamic of your energetic relationship changes, and you can feel the energy pull or push.

You wake up to your Twin Flame’s energy; you feel their love so strongly and it’s like your heart merges with theirs. Your hearts begin to beat in alignment with each other’s flow.

Once my Twin Flame woke up on the other end of the connection, my healing accelerated but my energy first became heavy and I went into another quick phase of energy cleansing. I was experiencing symptoms of the night of the soul on behalf of my Twin Flame. This was three months ago.

A month ago, I was attacked by a wave of sadness, I started weeping and I knew right away that it was him because I am happy with myself and my life. So, I texted him and said; “I feel your pain, are you okay?” Of course, he never responds back but after I texted him, I felt better.

Feeling this intensity and change in our connection only grew stronger. These days, my heart is radiating with love and I am constantly having heavy feelings of euphoria. I have this imminent feeling of trust in the amazing future to come.

Your dreams also change once your Twin Flame awakens, it’s like you are living inside each other’s minds. The mind chatter does not stop and you keep feeling the embrace of your Twin Flame’s essence.

Once your Twin Flame starts to work on healing their energy, you feel it too and your combined shared energy becomes purer and light. You feel the love connection grows strongly moment by moment as you merge more and more in essence.

It’s been a while since my Twin Flame woke up in our connection and I have also experienced moments of his energy purging. Lately, it is just pure bliss flowing between us and I know deep down that the storm is over. Both our pains feel healed, and I feel ready to move on to a new chapter of our lives.

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Once you are ready to see each other again, you just feel ready to meet your Twin Flame again.

I am ready and I know he is too!

Stay Blessed!

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