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What stages did you go through during the twin flame separation?

The Soul shock of being separated from my Twin Flame threw me into the phase of the Dark Night Of The Soul and I went through the following phases:

  • Denial & Isolation

I first thought that if I blocked him out of my life, life would go back to normal and it would automatically stop the separation anxiety that I was feeling.

When I researched what was happening to me and why I was feeling intense emotional chaos, I denied the idea that I could be going through the Twin Flame experience because the details of the phenomenon seemed very difficult to go through.

I tried to deny my feelings for him after we separated because it was excruciating being away from him and I was also married. I could not believe that my life was turning upside down because of meeting him and it frustrated me so I put up an inner resistance to how I was feeling.

Denial is a defense mechanism that buffers the immediate shock of loss and it numbs us to our emotions.

I wanted to spend time alone — I isolated myself from relatives and friends because I was lovesick.

  • Anger

After denial wore off, emotional pain started to emerge from within. All the past pain that I had accumulated from the past rose to the surface.

Meeting my Twin Flame exposed the broken parts within me that I needed to work on and the encounter and then separation triggered the emotional chaos.

Sometimes I blamed my Twin Flame for making me feel frustrated and one time I angrily told him to stay away from me.

I was also frustrated that we met at the wrong time because I was married — I wished that if we met we were both single, things could have been much easier to handle.

  • Bargaining

In this phase, I was wishing that life could have been different if perhaps I had not blocked him out of my life.

I started to wonder if blocking him was a bad idea — I started regretting the actions that I used when I tried to chase him.

The guilt that I felt pushed me to try and chase him to apologize for the actions of trying to block him out of my life. I had no idea that all the pain that my Twin Flame had triggered was to be cleaned out of me, and I did not know that I was going through a Spiritual Awakening process then.

When I chased him, I thought that he would be the answer to all my problems. I thought that if he forgave me, I would feel better and mend our relationship. I was wrong.

  • Depression

Once the pain kicked in, I knew that there was no going back to my old life. I knew that the only way forward was to accept what I was feeling so that I could heal the pain.

I was lovesick daily, I missed my Twin Flame intensely and everything in my life seemed to be getting worse.

I crawled through the depression stage — I was in tears when the pain became too much and I could not eat.

I lost so much weight that my friends thought something was wrong with me. I could not tell them that it was the effect of Spiritual Awakening because none of them understood my situation.

Some days, I could not get out of bed — I would make up an excuse that I was ill and I locked myself in my room.


Finally, I accepted my situation — submitted to healing, and surrendered completely to my Twin Flame process.

Acceptance is a Bravery stage because the more I opened my heart up to heal, the better I felt.

I always felt my Twin Flame’s energy with me; I never felt alone no matter how lonely I looked and I could always tap into our shared energy for comfort and solace.

Finally, healing kicked in and Relief washed over me because all the pain that was cleaned out of me never returned.

You can always tell that you share the same energetic vibration with your Twin Flame when you meet the physical.

Automatically your energies align — it feels as if you are constantly merging into each other.

From my experiences, I was very surprised by how easily we “fall” into each other with my Twin Flame. Everything that we did was seamless as if we had practiced it before.

When we were together, he healed my soul. I felt my spirit lift to a higher energetic vibration and it was the best feeling I ever felt because I felt healed, replenished, and brand new.

I had never felt like that before.

Once we physically separated, I crashed — I went into a soul shock moment because I was used to having our energetic bubble of oneness where we were vibrating at the same wavelength.

I did not know how to feel the energetic Oneness when were physically separated because I was naive about the Twin Flame experience. I did not know that physical separation was a chance for me to learn to embrace shared energy during separation.

The physical separation has taught me that a Twin Flame Separation is an illusion because I never felt separated from him energetically.

When I was struggling to learn how the Twin Flame energy of Oneness works during the physical separation, my energetic vibration dropped to its lowest because the encounter triggered an emotional cleansing process.

After I found healing, the energetic vibration is back to as it was during the initial encounter — I feel whole, brand new, and spiritually revived.

For my situation, my Twin Flame’s energy has been my comforter and savior during the emotional lows — I always felt uplifted by the connection, and I always felt his essence embrace e and bring me solace.

I do the same for him when I feel sadness or low energy vibes from him, I immediately send him love in my heart.

I lately feel the energetic harmony and balance after healing — we both send love to each other. My heart radiates with so much love because it is a shared connection.

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