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What was the most hurtful thing your twin flame has done to you?

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To be honest nothing. All the pain and emotional stress that I experienced during my awakening were rooted in me. Meeting my Twin Flame has been a total blessing because he triggered me to face the pain that I hid within. I was afraid of healing my core wounding. I had neglected my inner child for so long.

Neglecting my inner child caused me so much unhappiness. I felt lonely all the time even if I was surrounded by an ocean of people. I was constantly unhappy. I could not feel true love. Even though I had people in my life who love me, I could not feel it.

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When I separated from my Twin Flame, I was very hurt for sure. After 4 years without him, I now believe that physical separation is a blessing in disguise. I would never have evolved into my authentic version if we stayed together. I have had a chance to crawl through my emotional pain to heal. I managed to learn to hug my inner child.

The physical separation phase has enabled me to transform my life for the best. Do not get me wrong — I miss my Twin Flame every day. I have a deep craving for his closeness. I long to feel complete with him.

That being said, I found inner Union. I now understand that I had to first feel whole within. I had to find happiness within myself to appreciate being happy with him or anyone else.

Meeting my Twin Flame has been a Blessing indeed.

Stay Blessed!

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