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When a Twin Flame runner has sex with other people, does it change how they feel for you?

I am the Twin Flame runner and I will not deny that sometimes you get lonely, and you just want some action in your life.

It is natural to crave intimacy and it relieves the stress of missing a Twin Flame temporarily.

But, that being said, nothing can change how you feel for a Twin Flame and the more you stay separated, the more you wonder if the pain of missing a Twin Flame will ever dissipate. 

The more you make love to other people, the more nostalgic you get and you feel numb to other people.

Dating other people feels meaningless because of the soul intimacy that you share with your Twin Flame.

You also do not get sexually satisfied if you choose to be intimate with other people and the more you do it, the more helpless you feel because it reminds you of the void that you feel because of missing a Twin Flame.

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When you meet your Twin Flame, your life not only changes but also changes how you feel about everything.

It is easy to find someone to mate with but it is not easy to replace the Twin Flame connection.

Also, since you feel the astral sexual intimacy with your Twin Flame, it fills you up and satisfies you more than just the physical intimacy with someone else.

Every time you make love to someone new, you wonder how great it will feel with your Twin Flame, and every time you are with someone who is not your Twin Flame, you feel very lonely.

I choose to stay away from relationships with other people for now.

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