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When the twin flame runner is ready to stop running and reach out for their twin, how may the chaser/stayer feel before that happens (Internally, mentally, unconsciously, energetically, and at a soul level)?

Managing Separation Pain: How to recover and heal your pain and Soul Shock.

You feel settled within yourself — you feel grounded in your energy. Nothing can disturb your inner peace because you finally understand yourself. This is the authentic version of yourself. You feel in total control of your thoughts, feelings, and general wellbeing. Here are some Surrender tips

When you settle into your authentic self, you also attract your Twin Flame back. You feel it naturally. You trust that everything will eventually be alright between you. You know that all the quarrels and misunderstandings are no longer an issue. If you are struggling with the pain of separation, here is a healing and Recovery Guide for you.

Forgiveness works for both of you. If you were going through a phase of purging emotional pain previously, you feeling your scars healing. Love takes over the space that was filled with pain. You feel happiness accumulating within you.

You start to unlock your blessings — you also create a life that you have always dreamed of. Soon or later, your heart starts calling your Twin Flame back to you. You feel it radiating love towards your Twin Flame. It feels like the first time to saw acknowledged each other. Running And Chasing: The Twin Flame Energetic Dance (Trending Twin Flame Topics)

So whatever you do, aim for forgiveness and healing. Everything else will fall in place. I hope that this answer helps you. Stay Blessed!

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