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When your Twin Flame is married to someone else, what do you do if you love them unconditionally?

When you meet your eternal lover, nothing can prevent you from feeling unconditional love for them.

Even though they are married to someone else, you crave to be together and it gets very complicated when their Karmic relationship is the obstacle standing in your way.

Well, you will not be able to move on from a Twin Flame no matter what you do but you can learn to feel happy as you trust that you will eventually be together. 

The best way to know that you will eventually reunite with your Twin Flame is by making sure that you have clear means of communication between you and your Twin Flame.

Make your plans clear to your Twin; If you wish to move on from the frustration of waiting for your Twin Flame, you must let your Twin Flame know. 

And, if you wish to wait for your Twin Flame to return and have a relationship with you, you must also be clear and tell your Twin Flame about your plans.

If you wish to wait for your Twin Flame to dissolve their Karmic ties, focus on improving yourself so that you can become the authentic version of yourself.

Also, focus on loving yourself, trusting that you will eventually meet again. Be faithful to your Twin Flame Connection and have hope that unconditional love always wins.

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