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Who is a Twin Flame Runner?

Karmic Partners: How do you focus on yourself when you know that your Twin Flame is married to someone else?

When he or she is running from a Twin Flame, they think that they are clever. A Twin Flame runner finds different exotic ways to disguise the love emotions he or she feels. From my experiences, you cannot hide love or run from it. Even though a Twin Flame runs from you, he or she is tormented by the connection. You feel drawn to each other all the time.

You cannot stop thinking of a Twin Flame. You feel each other’s energy. Sometimes you have the same thoughts. You feel like you live inside each other. Even though are asleep, you feel your Twin Flame love connection. Sometimes you can see your Twin Flame’s eyes when you close yours.

I was initially the runner and then became the chaser. The situation first became dire before I settled into the Twin Flame energy. I had to find inner harmony and balance. I went through a series of love lessons to understand why I was chasing or running from my Twin Flame.

I thought that it was clever of me to stop talking to him. I was very confused about why my tactics of escaping him did not work. Blocking my Twin Flame escalated the emotional chaos that I felt. I was tormented by the love feelings.

When I tried to block my thoughts from racing toward him, I was attacked by the intense energetic share. I could feel his love when I was asleep, I could see him in my dreams. The telepathic communication between us intensified. I could hear thoughts of him as if our souls were whispering to each other.

I learned that whether you chase your Twin Flame or not, there is no separation between you. You feel each other as much as you are in the same room. You live inside each other.

When you meet a Twin Flame, you know within yourself that you are created to be with each other. The accelerated love lessons that you go through exist to remind you of your authenticity. You shed the negative energy that you inhibit that pushes you to run from him or her. You also heal yourself; you unlearn bad habits. 

In the end, the runner Twin Flame learns that you cannot be clever because the Twin Flame process is divinely guided. There is a higher power at play. You also learn that you have always been a Twin Flame before you find each other. 

The runner learns to put up an inner resistance to the Twin Flame connection before he or she accepts to surrender. You get to a point where you feel exhausted from running from love. Love is everything that we are. 

As a runner Twin Flame, you finally surrender — you let the connection consume you. Accepting your Twin Flame experience is a very uncomfortable process at first. You have to let the journey take its course. You take a journey within yourself into the darkest parts of your soul.

You embark on a journey to self-rediscovery. You learn to love and appreciate yourself. You let unconditional love consume you until it overflows into your life situation and everything that you do.

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