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Who is a Twin Flame?

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Managing Separation Pain: How to recover and heal your pain and Soul Shock.


Managing Separation Pain: How to recover and heal your pain and Soul Shock.
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Understanding Twin Flame Telepathy for Beginners

There is a unique person created just for you. You have a perfect partner that is your equal match. A unique person that satisfies all your desires. Your Twin Flame is the one; your perfect mirror. When you meet a Twin Flame, you have an imminent knowing that you are destined to be together. You also feel a sacred eternal bond that affirms that you are meant to spend a lifetime in deep, passionate, everlasting love. After you meet a Twin Flame, you realize that they fill the void that you previously felt. You feel complete; you feel the energetic oneness. Your Twin Flame also is your perfect companion, lover, partner, best friend, guardian, and protector. You feel safe when you are around them. You trust the love connection even though you are physically separated. This book will guide you through the chaotic initial stages of the Twin Flame Awakening phase.

You fall in love many times with different people in life before you meet your Twin Flame. You even think that you have met the one true love of your life before you meet.
You choose to settle; get married, have children, and build a life together.
You believe that you have settled. You feel grateful for your life.
You believe that the future will only get better. You work hard every day to achieve your dreams.
You genuinely believe that you are happy.
You believe that you know what you want from life. You believe in your upbringing, culture, traditions, and norms.
You love your family and friends. You have big goals for the future.

One fateful day you wake. Everything seems normal; you have your day figured out as usual.
You run into this person; you could have known them for a while – you never cared to know them.
It could also be a stranger that you meet on the bus.
You become inseparable forever. A Twin Flame encounter is surprising, shocking, and refreshing.
Wherever you meet this person or however you meet, the initial encounter leaves you in awe!
You feel thrilled to see the person again because there is something so refreshing about them. A Twin Flame friendship needs gratifying indeed.
You feel the connection right away. It is more than just a spark — it is an inner knowing that you have arrived home.
You feel like you were looking for a way back home.
Your Twin Flame is your Home. When you meet a Twin Flame, you feel so eager to tell them everything about your life. You feel like you want to catch up from where you previously left off even though it is your first encounter in this lifetime.
You feel an invigoration of your energy when you meet because you feel an energetic boost.
You feel completed by their presence. You feel them occupy the empty side of your soul. You feel whole and content.
A Twin Flame is the missing puzzle of your life.

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